January ONLINE Added Classes 4 Kids & Teens – Improv, Stand-UP, Sketch Comedy via ZOOM

While we are maintaining our in person classes (Saturdays 10am-2pm in Times Square) for whomever wishes to attend, we have seen a need to boost our online offerings the next few weeks. These classes bring students from around the world together with our NYC students in need of safe quarantined options. We’ve varied times so our students from around the country / world (Florida, Texas, California, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, NYC, Canada, Ireland, France, Italy, London, UK, Australia, etc) can log on at times that make sense for you. NEW YORK TIMES currently include Mondays 5pm, Saturdays 6pm, Sunday 11am.

Each session runs $25 but you can get unlimited access to classes for four weeks for just $75. CLICK HERE or use the following form to register. Upon registration, the event page provides ZOOM registration links for each class PLUS free copies of various resources, including our books that cost usually $3-10 on Amazon. ALSO links to videos and more. Check menu links for additional upcoming shows & classes. EMAIL for more information regarding shows, classes, group sales and/or private events.

RULE #1: HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense!

IMPROV RULE #1: YES: And… Always support your team!

Improv #1 Skill: LISTENING

Improv and Stand-Up Comedy help students discover their best selves building self confidence, creative writing, critical thinking and public speaking. Each session starts with Improvisation, playing games that are a ton of fun while teaching valuable life skills. These are the same games we play with corporate groups to develop better leaders, team building, sales, service etc. For our public sessions we include Stand-Up Comedy, taking stories of experience and observation, then crafting original comedy routines. Each session ends a performance showcase of original and improvised comedy skits. The classes and workshops integrate perfectly with cultural arts, language arts and character building/guidance programming. We offer weekly classes Winter, Spring and Fall, plus Summer Camps. We also have teachers at schools, camps and community centers on weekends and after school. And since March 2020 we have online options, as featured in this post.



Start every day with a smile! Physically smiling makes us feel great. Usually we smile when someone makes us feel good. It works both days. You can actually loosen stiff muscles and minor aches inside and out. Also, when you lead with a smile most smile back. Ignore that one judgmental hiding in the corner. They will judge you no matter what you do. If you want most folks to smile at you, LEAD BY EXAMPLE!


Every thing you need for comedy is right in front of you. LIVE with wide open eyes and ears. At school & home, on the subway, in the park, at the store etc etc etc things happen to you and to others around you. 


Keep a journal. What every observe and experience, write it down. Also record your process. Describe every Improv game you play in your own words. EVERY time you get off stage, record how that experience happened. Process your world, your anxieties, fears, joys etc. Getting things out of your head, frees you to focus in the moment. 


Walt Frasier has been with EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv Comedy since the beginning in 2002. In that time he has hosted over 5000 shows and workshops in Times Square and touring Nationwide. Now considered a specialist in corporate team building, Walter embraces Psychological Safety and tries to teach the world to smile. At every workshop, Walter gives his students homework “Now that you have taken my classes, you are now comics. It is your job to make the rest of the world smile. Don’t wait for the world to make you happy first. Wake every morning and force yourself to smile and see how your world changes.” He has run workshops for JP Morgan Chase, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Master Card, American Express, NYC Schools (DOE VENDOR), Microsoft/BING, Twitter, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Home Depot, Enrst & Young, GM, KRAFT, UBS, UNILEAVER and 100s more smaller/local firms as well as training corporate trainers.

TV: Letterman, Friends of the People, GMA, Royal Pains, Blue Bloods, Lilyhammer, WE, MTV, NICK

FILM: Various Indy/Short Films

Commercials/Industirals: Dr. Oz’s Fat pants, Culligan Water, etc

Musical Theater – Off-Broadway, International Touring, including 2nd Nat’l tour Scarlet Pimpernel and Regional Theater in New York City, Long Island, Maryland, Virginia and DC.


ALSO Opera, Church Choir Ringer and can often be found entertaining as Santa, The Blues Brothers or as Piano Singer.

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