ABC/Alphabet: Howto Play Improv Games – Scene

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ABCs or Alphabet


Two players start off stage. 

Sample MC Set Up:  

Our next game will challenge our players to 1st grade Language Arts as they do a scene with each player starting their line with the next letter of the alphabet. All we need to start is (location, household object, relationship, etc) AND What’s your name? (Point to audience guest) OK we will start with the letter (first letter of their name)

Game Play:

For beginning teams it may be easiest to start on the letter A. 

  • Player ONE: Alright, I need to get your opinion on something
  • Player TWO: Bring it on, I’m here to help, mom.
  • Player THREE: Can you tell me if this looks infected?
  • Player FOUR: Dogs have better feet after a run in the park.

Continue until you get to Z. If not starting on the letter A, continue on to A, B, C after Z. 

Help yourself out and orient yourself to words for the more difficult letters – Q, X, Y, Z. 

Ready for a challenge and/or want to make a longer scene? Try going backwards, Z, Y, X, W etc. 

Don’t forget to make strong WHO WHERE WHAT choices. And there are NO mistakes. Messing up is fun in this game.

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