FORWARD REVERSE: Howto Play Improv Games – Scene, Pantomime

Forward Reverse is a very broad, physical pseudo scene game.

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Two players start off stage. MC sits downstage left or right.

Sample MC Set Up: 

I have the remote control and will be in charge of how the next scene progresses. My Remote Control allows me to play the scene forward, reverse, and a number of other functions. Give me a location with a lot of activity.

Game Play:

MC starts the scene with the words PLAY or FORWARD. Usually just one player starts. Make HUGE BOLD physical choices. As dialogue goes, LESS IS MORE for this game. 

Whenever MC says FORWARD, play the scene normally. 

REVERSE makes the players play the scene backwards. You don’t have to say words of a sentence backwards, however that is an option. 

Other commands might be SLOW MOTION, PAUSE, FAST FORWARD, etc. have fun and get creative. 

We also have an SAP button on our remote and will say, NOW do the scene in Spanish, backwards in French, etc

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