TEN SCENES TEN MINUTES: Howto Play Large Group Warm Up Improv Games, Intro to scene work

Ten Scenes Ten Minutes is a great way to get the whole team working on scene work.

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Ten Scenes Ten Minutes


Scatter around the room/theater in groups of 2-4. 

Sample MC Set Up: 

Everytime I yell out a scenario or location, simply jump into that scene. Just start a conversation. Don’t assign roles, some just start talking as a character and discover new worlds with YES AND… Improv.

Game Play:

This is a fun way to introduce scenes without intimidatingly throwing new players on stage. And it gets the full class working simultaneously. 

MC/Teacher will call out a location or scenario. Immediately start a conversation in that space.

Make simple, bold WHO WHERE WHAT choices.

Every 3-4 rounds, rotate partners. 

Avoid overly physical scenes for now. You don’t have to do talking heads (JUST TALKING without any movement)  but be wary of tables, chairs and other objects that could cause injury. We tend to be less aware of our space off stage. 

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