HARUKASAN: Howto Play Large Group Warm Up Improv Games

HARUKASAN is a fun ice breaker with all our students and corporate team building events.

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Stand in a circle

Sample MC Set Up: 

Let’s start by passing energy, pointing our right hand across our body to the left, making a guttural sound (continue all around the circle, end with a block). Now let’s pass the energy back the other way with our left hand across our body (we do this to avoid smacking folks in the face) to the right. (continue all around the circle, end with a block). Now I want the two of your (on either side of MC/teacher) to block me. When I pass energy your way, raise the palm of your hand to me and make an even bigger sound or rejection. OK I am stuck, the only move i have to make is to pass the all powerful HARUKASAN by gathering/balling up all the energy of the room into my CHI center). This is the Dragon Ball Z of Improv Comedy. Using both hands send all the energy of the room across, hyper focused on one player with your eyes and body and say, with full projection and diction, HARUKASAN.

Game Play:

There are three basic moves to this game.

  1. PASS left or right, pointing hand across the body, making a simply guttural sound. 
  2. BLOCK by raising your hand and making and even bigger sound, which sends the energy in the opposite direction.
  3. HARUKASAN where we basically do the Dragon Ball Z move and say HARUKASAN. 

Every pass should be hyper focused on who you want to get the energy next. When it is not your turn, follow the game with your eyes. 

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