Launch 2022-2023 school year via powerful SEL edutainment, NYC Improv Comedy Shows, Workshops, Residency

While we have worked with 100/0s of schools over the past two decades, we are often thought of as the fun end of year school assembly/field trip option. However, with powerful SEL messaging and training, Improv shows and workshops make the perfect back to school launch program. NYC DOE VENDOR, INSURED

2021 Brooklyn School Assemu.
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  • EMAL request for private events, etc. We offer Times Square NYC comedy field trips, k12 school assemblies, workshops, residencies and professional development for teachers/staff. Also touring camps, libraries, family events etc.

Since 2003 EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH and Improv 4 Kids (Same cast, different audience age) has delivered 6000+ shows for k12 students and family audiences, hosting field trips to our Times Square NYC theater and touring schools, camps and community centers.

While our programs are a ton of fun, they also provide valuable training in creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, self confidence, self awareness listening, focus, and more. We.uae these same programs to teach corporate groups team, leadership, sales and service.

Fum for field trips, Show, workshop a d pizza lunch.

That all being said, it is perhaps the laughter that is the greatest benefit. We make school fun,.through shows, workshops, residencies and professional development for teachers. The laughter itself breaks down resentments and builds bonds. The laughter is a cardio vascular activity, filling the blood with oxygen. Laughter and engaging in creative activity actually turns off the parts of the brain linked to depression and anxiety. Studies at John Hopkins show laughter in the class room raising test scores. Dr. William Fry at Stamford says humor builds a better brain. Laughter is more than the best medicine, it’s also the best tool for communication. Teaching through story and play should not end with pre K.

For schools, all in, this translates into creating better community, leaders and better learners.

Improv 4 Teens


We recommend introducing our programs to the school with a show. Each field trip or school assembly presents a series of skits and songs improvised based on audience suggestions and participation. A number of students are invited on stage to work with our professional teaching artists. The entire show is created in the spot working as a team, requiring respectful listening to both each other and the students in the audience. Every 4-5 minutes our MC interacts with the entire audience gathering ideas for the next scene or musical selection.


One off workshops introduce basic skills required to perform improv comedy, but immediately build the skills sets as discussed above. Simply playing these games (every skit, song and warm up / technique building exercise is called a game) builds skills 1000 of books and lectures discuss.

  • Our #1 Rule: HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense.
  • Improv #1 Rule YES! And… Saying NO is the lazy/insecure choice. Unless put in physical, mental, emotional danger (Never say yes to that) Saying YES shows support..AND we pull our own weight for the tam process.
  • #1 Skill? LISTENING… We teach LISTENING WITH YOUR EYES and listening with the willingness to change. You can’t truly support without listening.


Playing these games once in a workshop can be a game changer. But to truly master these skills, entrenching them in your physical memory and daily habits, takes time. Every session will include a focusing warm-up, technique building and performance game.

At the end of an 8-week or longer session, students will be able to perform for the school and parents. But more importantly, a residency allows students to develop a skill set that will change their lives. Similar to other cultural arts, Improv embraces the creative and interactive collaboration qualities. But Improv goes further. Every aspect of improv makes us a better leader, team member and sales person. It pulls away Alot of the silliness of other theater and truly develops self, skills that translate better off the stage, into the classroom, community and eventually workforce. Our last students are not great employees, they are leaders.


  1. Wby should the kids have all the fun? 😊
  2. We use these same games to teach corporate teams how to be better leaders, sales and service.

Our workshops for staff serves two purposes.

  1. Developing better leaders, better communicators etc
  2. Learning how to use Improv in the ass room to further develo students long after we leave.

As I have stated above, Improv is used in the corporate world to develop team, leaders, sea and service. At any given time, teachers serve those same roles.

  1. Teachers are part of a team. You have to coordinate with your grade, subject, parents, admin etc.
  2. Teachers are leaders of their own class room. Great leases go far beyond management and bossing. Improv teaches the performance skills (public speaking, stage presence, listening) one needs to truly command a room simply with their presence.
  3. Teachers are salespeople. Convincing a student they need to study, focus etc. We are all given scripts but can you truly be in the moment and meet that student where they are and give them what they NEED to hear.
  4. Teachers are customer service. Teachers get complaints from EVERY direction: admin, late ts, student, union etc.

But more importantly, as with students above, teachers deserve a chance to laugh. Improv shows and workshops achieve what 1000s of lectures and books merely discuss because we are fun!!!!

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