Bring this show to your k12 school Fall 2022 Improv 4 Kids &Teens

Since 2002 the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH has played live from Times Square NYC. Since 2003, Improv 4 Kids has toured schools, camps, community centers and family events through out the Tristate area and beyond. In addition to delivering much needed laughter through interactive shows and workshops, Improv is a powerful tool to inspire students to value education and have fun at school. Improv 4 Kids/Teens pairs well with cultural arts, language arts and character building/guidance programs.

  • Check menu links for additional upcoming shows and classes in Times Square NYC and touring nationwide.
  • EMAIL for information and booking requests. Field Trips, school assemblies PTA nights, workshops, residencies and professional development for teachers.


  • $600 One Show 45-minutes, 3-4 performers, interactive musical comedy improvised based on students suggestions and participation.
  • $900 Two shows back to back OR Show workshop combo
  • $1500 full day up to four shows/Workshops (can be split amongst two schools)
  • $6000 full week residency up to 20 shows (can be split amongst ten schools)


  • $600 up to 50 students plus 5 chaperones $12.50/additional student
  • $1000 up to 140, max capacity of Larger theater
  • Add mini workshop +$5pp
  • Add pizza +$10pp one slice plus bottled water


  • $350 up to ten VIP tickets, TWO large slices, soft drinks at public show $35/additional guest
  • $600 up to 20 guests, private show $30/additional guest
  • $1000 up to 40 guests, $25/additional guest
  • $2000 up to 100 guests, $20/additional guests
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