COMEDY CAMP 2022 Final Week Starts Tomorrow Times Square NYC

  • Final week of comedy Camp starts tomorrow
  • Fall classes start 9/10.
  • Check menu links for upcoming shows and classes in Times Square NYC,Long Island and Nationwide
  • EMAIL for more information or to bring these programs to your school, camp or community center.We offer k12 shows, classes,workshop, residencies and professional development for teachers amd staff.
  • Each week is a self contained session with classes in improv and stand-up comedy. Monday starts with a master class in Improv Comedy, introducing a number of warm-up, technique and performance games. Then we move into an open-mic style session where students develop original stand-comedy routines, starting with personal stories of observation and experience. Tuesday – Thursday are more like rehearsals than classes. A series of mock performance sessions develop experienced performers. Every week we introduce new games, review class faves and develop a new 2-3 minutes of stand-up comedy which get presented at our weekly showcase, Friday at 2pm

At least half the comics in this pic are my students, including the past two winners.

  • Saloni Singh 2022
  • Carolyn White 2019

And there would have been more wo the pandemic. Carolyn has now headlined a half dozen shows representing this organization. Saloni could probably be there medical expert , on call doctor today. This kid is brilliant. (Seriously , .medical latin terms as a high school freshman class for her). So proud of ALL these amazing kids and teens, as well as all my staff that contribute to shaping the futures of our talented cast of these up and coming comedy stars.But even more important, we never set out to be a professional kid actor creation lab. Our #1 rule is still to have fun. This is just icing. The cake is watching these kids grow up filled with laughter I their lives, and watching them mature wo growing up. I almost hope these youth DON’T follow us into the business of show. But rather take these skills and become amazing leaders in any other field.

Myra Beji now on Disney Plus in The Quest

Sway Bhatia now starring on Mighty Ducks and reoccurring on Succession

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