New York Comedy Field Trips K12 Educational Outreach Improv 4 Kids, Teens Times Square NYC

“A production you and your children don’t want to miss!” ABC NEWS 7

Bring your K12 students to our Times Square NYC theater featuring hilarious interactive musical comedy improvised based on your students’ suggestions and participation. Many students (and maybe a few chaperons too) are invited on stage to help steer the comedy direction while the entire audience can help decide what each skit and song will be about, suggesting favorite books, music, music, etc. Bookings are in a first come, first serve basis. EMAIL ASAP us your preferred dates, times, number of students/adults, grade/age of students.

Live from Times Square NYC, clean comedy for all ages.

Give your students the gift of Joy and Laughter!!!

While exact times are flexible, a typical field trip starts at 10:15am. Students arrive to the Broadway Comedy Club with their teachers, ushered in by our comics to their seats.

10:30am the MC takes stage to introduce the show, welcome and warm up the audience and give a quick explanation of how Improv works.

Then the whole cast gets the crowd rocking with a song, completely improvised based on audience suggestion. This might be a blues, Irish Jig or even a full mock mini Broadway musical.

Next a few students will be invited on stage to help the improvisors create an original mini play. This might be the SOUND EFFECTS game, where students add sounds to make our little stage show sound more like a movie. Or perhaps HUMAN MAD LIBS (aka COLUMNS) where our actors point at a volunteer, and then uses the word or phrase uttered by the student, having to make the most random offers work in the scene. Other popular games include THREE HEADED EXPERT (a student or teach becomes the middle head of THE PROFESSOR, answering questions from audience) or FREEZE FRAME (aka HUMAN SLIDE SHOW, where students and teachers invited on stage stroke a series of poses, with our comics narrating a historical slide show).

The show continues to alternate songs, interactive games and a few more sophisticated games without audience help beyond the scene suggestion.

After the shows the artists offer a chance to ask questions about the business, the art form and more. We allow students to open up their lunches and eat right in the theater before getting back on the bus/subway.

If time and budget permits we can add a mini workshop, which exponentially increases educational value, and/or a pizza party (large slices and bottled water provided for lunch).

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