How To Play Milk Caps / POGS Fads of the 1990s

How To Play Milk Caps

The Professional Organization Of Poggz is a true believer in the Head-To-Head match-up style of playing milk caps for tournament competition.

POG Milk Cap and Slammers Game POGS Milkcap Assortment – 206 Pc

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STEP 1 – Choose Playing Surface.
Game works best on a smooth hard surface. Place the official Professional Organization Of Poggz playing mat to protect your slammers from chipping. If you are lacking a P.O.O.P. mat, a piece of card board will do. Many will use a school book.

STEP 2 – Stack Ten Caps face down.
Many purists of the sport say stack face up but we want to preserve the amazing art work many have painstakingly put on your favorite milk caps. If not playing in a formal Professional Organization Of Poggz tournament, then each player should donate and equal number of milk caps. The exact number of milk caps in the stack may vary but TEN is the official number used by Professional Organization Of Poggz in a set. A match is won when one player wins three sets.

STEP 3 – Decide which player will go first.
The official Professional Organization Of Poggz method is to toss a coin. For the most fair results players will play a best three out of five tosses.

STEP 4 – Shake hands with opponent. 
We here at the Professional Organization Of Poggz are big believers in sportsmanship.

STEP 5 – First Slam
Player One throws down slammer at the stack of milk caps. If the slam misses the stack, the slam still counts as a turn and the player gets a zero. If the slam hits the stack, and milk caps turned face up (Or face down for you purists out there, but then again you already know how to play, don’t you…) that player collects all of the winning caps.

STEP 6 –  Restack for Player Two
Player Two slams the stack. Score pints for each milk cap collected.

STEP 7 – Repeat
Continue to alternate turns until a player has six milk caps in his / her possession. That player WINS the Set.

It is the official P.O.O.P. position that no milk cap player should ever engage in gambling. When not playing an official organized tournament, Players should keep any milk caps donated to the playing of the game. Gambling is illegal in most states and is inappropriate on the grounds of any educational setting. The popular fad in the 1990s was killed when schools banned milk caps because students were keeping any caps won and this was considered a form of Gambling.Gambling in any form is to be left to your creepy uncle that hangs out at casinos and/or the tracks.

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