July 29 10pm TUSH hosts Owl Theory and Coworkers – Improv at the Broadway Comedy Club NYC

Cheek to Cheek with Tush


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7/14 with Quote Unquote & PunchProvNYC

Catch Quote Unquote hosting THURSDAYS at 10pm

JULY 29 @ 10pm

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Sanjay Bhasker

Sanjay Bhasker

Hank Browning

Hank Browning

Jesse Douglas

Jesse Douglas

Brian Gurien

Brian Gurien

Brian Gurien is an actor/writer/comedian from California. He has studied improv at UCB and Magnet theaters, and has been performing standup comedy since 2008. He was a performer in the 2013 San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival and a semi finalist in the Funniest Comic in SoCal competition in 2013.

Gregory Lotsvin

Gregory Lotsvin

Greg had to create a performer bio and started writing about himself in 3rd person. It made him uncomfortable, and he soon stopped.

Jordan Randolph

Jordan Randolph

I take classes at Magnet and UCB for improv and sketch. I perform with Tush!

Johnathan Ross

Johnathan Ross

Natalie Silverman

Natalie Silverman

Natalie Silverman is an improviser and writer who has studied at the Magnet, UCB, and the HUGE improv theater with amazing instructors including Louis Kornfeld, Rick Andrews, Armando Diaz, Brandon Gardner, and Shaun Diston. She performed her first Harold at age 14, but thankfully has improved a lot since.


Leigh Ellen Caudill


Actress. Singer. Social Dancer.

Melina Chadbourne


Melina is an actor who has dabbled in improv and stand-up since coming to NYC in 2012 after graduating from Emerson College. She is Boston born and bred, but a New Yorker at heart. She has no sidewalk etiquette

Chris Chianesi


Chris is an actor, singer, improviser, and competitive eater. @SeriouslyChris

Jonterri Gadson


Jonterri is a writer and improviser who teaches creative writing. She is a critically acclaimed professional male objectification specialist. She tweets.

Andrew Nordin


Andrew is a writer, improviser and stand-up comedian. He grew up in Richmond, VA and spent the majority of his youth trying not to sweat.http://www.andrewnordin.com

Jeremy Senie


Born and raised in New York County, Jeremy writes stuff, makes stuff up, and orbits the sun on a regular basis. If you have a large butterfly net, catch him. He is a member of the improv team Quote Unquote and the newest member of the sketch comedy experience His Majesty, the Baby. Jeremy doesn’t tweet often, but when he does, it’s quality stuff.

Facebook links:
Quote Unquote
His Majesty, the Baby

Jeff Wucher


Nice guy, mean lady

Aileen Zoccola


Noelle-Mari Bowen

Aspiring nurse and improviser. I love baking.

Anita Chacinska

Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.

C. Joybell C.

Allison Guerra

Allison/Alli/Al has been ‘provin in the big apple for approximately 3 years. She studied at the People’s Improv Theatre, where she has completed through Level 3 and trained with Jamie Cummings, Micah Sherman, and Chris Griggs. She is a proud member of the new team PUNCH.


Sarah Burton

This Full Ammo Alumni (Penn State) will do improv on command. Just say “do improv” and she will do it. She’s that good.

Currently Sarah performs with UCB Lloyd Team Never Never. She was previously on the wonderful UCB Lloyd teams City Mouse and Hoops.

Since 2010, she has been oh-so-lucky to study at UCB-NY under Eric Tanouye, Gavin Speiller, Mike Still, Anthony Antamonuik, Chelsea Clarke, Eric Tanouye, Brandon Gardner, and Porter Mason. Sarah is also a member of the fabulous comedy sketch group Ibish Comedy. Go to Ibishcomedy.com.

Say hi to Sarah because she is shy.

Hometown: Kennett Square, PA

Raymond Cordova

Ray has been studying at UCB since 2009. Since then he has had the privilege of learning long form improv under Betsy Stover, Erik Tanouye, Doug Moe, Curtis Gwinn, Anthony King and many more. Improv is his new love and he plans on spending the rest of his life with her, once she signs the pre-nup. In his spare time, Ray, works with the clinically insane but he prefers the word, friends.


Molly Gaebe

Molly is from Miami. She used to have a tan. But she gave all that up to do comedy in New York and now has pastey white skin. Her mother thinks she has gotten “very sarcastic” ever since college.

Dan Hodapp

Dan is an actor, improviser and writer based in New York City.

Notable stage credits include the NY Fringe production of “Tail! Spin!” alongside Rachel Dratch and Mo Rocca; “Bob Odenkirk & UCB Pals: A Load of Hooey,” written by and starring Bob Odenkirk; and the “Joe Moses One Man Showses.”

Dan has appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and his turn as a fake news reporter video for Jest.com made the rounds on the internet, eventaully landing on ABC’s The View. Dan has also appeared in videos from Ninja Sex Party, Teen Wheels and LandlineTV, many of which can be seen on College Humor, Funny or Die, My Damn Channel and UCBComedy.com.

At the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Dan is a member of the Maude Team “Beige” and the Harold Team “Surfing.” He can also been seen in the role of Hammy in the musical “Newsadoozies,” now in its sixth month of its run at the theater.

At the People’s Improv Theater, Dan produces, hosts and performs in The Scene a weekly showcase of improvised one-act plays, featuring guests from Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, The Daily Show, Second City and more. He also regularly improvises with “Someday The Cake” on Super Free Wednesday and “Hodapp & Rothwell” on Saturdays.

Website: danhodapp.com

Caroline Martin

CAROLINE MARTIN is an improviser, host, and Story Pirate. She performs on the UCB Lloyd team Astronomy Club and the PIT house team Divo and is a host for the PIT’s YouTube channel PITtv. She studied improv comedy at UCB and the PIT and received a B.A. in Ethnic Studies from Brown University. You can follow her on Twitter @TheCarolineMart and check out her site at carolinemartincomedy.com

Patrick Noth

Patrick is a musician, comedy writer, actor and improviser.

Zack Phillips

Zack is a writer / improvisor who moved to New York in 2008. Before that, he did improv at Haverford College and at Washington Improv Theater (WIT) in DC, where he performed, taught and directed. He has been fortunate enough to learn from some truly awesome improv teachers, among them: Mick Napier, Joe Bill, Mark Sutton, Jon Lutz, Christina Gausas, Jeff Griggs, Asaf Ronen, Anthony King and numerous others at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. By day, he is a reporter. Things he loves: Radiohead, the Cincinnati Reds, the film “United 93”, his cat and his wife.

Curtis Retherford

Curtis Retherford is an improvisor from New York City. He moved to New York City in 2006 to take classes at UCB. He has taken classes from, or been coached by, just about everyone.

Curtis writes sketches for his Youtube Channel, which goes by the descriptively uncreative name Curtis Retherford’s YouTube Channel.

He has more stuff at CurtisRetherford.com or at his Tumblr.

For more information on Curtis Retherford, consult your local library.

Izzy Furlo

Izzy Furlo is an American stand up comedian and improviser. She lives in Connecticut with her dog, Sunny (and her parents).

Izzy Currently performs with The Private Jetsons and Owl Theory.

Patrick Keene

I keep putting episodes of Scooby-Doo on youtube and they keep taking them down.

Tim Levine

Tim’s a guy. He works with Creative Difference and Increasingly Less Crooked Teeth.

Eva McEnrue

Enjoy Every Sandwich.

J. Lee Scurry

I perform improv and sketch regularly around New York City…and sleep…let’s not forget that.

I’m also offended that you can’t set the birth year on a profile for pre-1950…Ageist crap.

Rachel Taenzler

Part-time punk rocker. Performs with Owl Theory, Black Sabbath, and the Supernova team Forbidden Planet, as well as the 3-on-3 team Young Awful White Boys.

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