SMILE! Don’t wait for the world to inspire you… #Improv #Actorslife

SMILE! Don’t wait for the world to inspire you… #Improv #Actorslife


Smiling with my Wednesday 6/14 #Improv masterclass at Chelsea Studios. Amazing group from California via Educational Tours.

I have a new way to start all my workshops and classes. I say to my students of any age,


I wait for all to smile.


Above video from Corporate Event for BDO Interns. Here is how I started the workshop…

“You all are taking my class so I consider you all professional comics and actors. It is your job to SMILE. You cannot wait for the audience to make you smile and laugh. You cannot wait for the world to make you happy. They could let you down at any time. But when you start the day with a smile, you make the world a happier place. YOU are part of the solution!”


Smiling with cast of Improv 4 Kids right before interactive show at Logan Elementary School NJ

You all have HOMEWORK…

Before getting out of bed tomorrow, SMILE.

This changes EVERYTHING about the day to follow. This will change how you approach the world, and if you keep smiling, it will change how the world approaches you.

I hear so many comics leave a stage blaming the audience for a bad set. While some audiences are easier than others, professional understand that an audience that does not laugh does not always mean they don’t like you.

Some older crowds have a hard time hearing, so they listen. They are amused but fear a laugh will make them miss another joke.


Smiling with my German friends at a Bavarian Festival at Plattduetsche Park Restaurant Franklin Square LI, NY

Sometimes you don’t have that one big laugher to help warm up the crowd. Comics LOVE me being in the crowd. I have so much fun it is contagious. I’m loud and not afraid to share how much fun I am having with the world. This helps warm-up comics show the crowd how comedy works.

But as the comic/actor you can NEVER expect the crowd to pick you up. You have to be prepared with your material, but even more so, you have to be prepared to make the crowd laugh and smile.

You cannot start a show with a chip on your shoulder. You set yourself up to FAIL.

But lets forget stage for a second. This is true in life as well.

Folks find me freakishly optimistic. I start every day with a smile.

IN fact I am writing this blog because today was harder to start with a smile than others. Nothing horrible, just tired. This is my first day off in a while and the past month has included a lot of shows and workshops. The muscles are sore. There is not enough coffee in the world.


On stage selfie with Improv 4 Teens Class – In middle of Hitchhiking Emotions, I snapped a shot mid scene. Made sense for the scene. 

Writing this blog about smiling has me smiling. It sounds simple, right?


Too many hear these sorts of motivational messages and turn a cynical cheek. They blow off others attempts to cheer them up, or inspire.

We all have troubles in our life. Folks think I am a lot more successful financially because I do not show my struggles on my face every moment. But as an artist I struggle with cash flow daily. I just do not let that ruin the party.

I also we folks judging. Others may say its jealousy. I just says it laziness. I think it is human to fear and condemn that which we do not understand.

I challenge you to think differently.

START with a SMILE of your own.

Then when you see others having fun DON’T JUDGE, JOIN!!!

Are you bored? It’s because you are not CHOOSING to participate and engage.

FOCUS is an active process. Don’t depend on me to hold your focus.

LISTEN with purpose and EYE CONTACT to every word I say.

Blow off my advice, or get cynical or judgmental and you will continue your life of misery.

Do as you always do, get what you always get.



TAKE CONTROL of YOUR LIFE one SMILE at a time!!!


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