IMPROV Corporate Events for BDO, Bing / Microsoft JP Morgan

IMPROV Corporate Events

Busy week was profoundly educational. Anyone else find they learn more about themselves and the world teaching than in any class you ever took. In truth you tend to understand everything you ever learned better as you help others apply those skills and wisdom accrued from teachers and mentors past.

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Monday started with a workshop at the relatively new Microsoft facilities for a BING marketing team. This was way too easy. Marketing folks for the most part are very out going individuals. There were only 1-2 folks that I may call somewhat shy and was only because this was a new thing. We are working with another BING team in 3 weeks.

#improv workshop for #bing on Monday. Back again in 2 weeks.

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Yesterday we hosted a team of leadership trainees (pre-interns) from BDO. 30 young professionals in recruitment mode enjoyed a show, workshop and our continental breakfast, complete with bite sized bagels, muffins, donuts and pastries with assorted condiments (Cream Cheese, Nutella, Butter, Jelly and WOW Butter) plus fruit, veggies and yogurt. Bottled water, coffee, and OJ also served.

This young group of accountants needed a little more prodding but did amazing work. Folks going into jobs that are more numbers and computer centric sometimes do not appreciate the need for people skills. Trust me when I say these skills make a huge difference in your career.

Another group of BDO interns is in next week for a show, workshop and pizza party.


Last month we had a great group in from JP Morgan for happy hour workshop. The two drink tickets make Improv so much more fun to watch and participate. The amazing staff at the Broadway Comedy Club sets out a mini buffet of Sliders, Wings and Fries. We supplement with a fruit platter, veggie platter, hummus, guacamole, salsa and various chips for dipping (including gluten free options). They will be returning in 2 weeks with another team.


Past clients include Morgan Stanley, Twitter, Louis Vuitton, American Express, Mastercard, General Motors, Bloomberg LP, UBS, Edy’s Ice Cream, Reuters, Johnson & Johnson and 100s more smaller / local firms (See older client list

In a nut shell Improv is one of the most fun ways to teach a number of valuable skills ranging from creativity, team communications, public speaking, listening, focus and self confidence.


In recent years we easily tie in findings form a major study by GOOGLE of what makes a great team. YES AND…, the #1 concept behind Improv, directly applies to Psychological Safety. The communication skills we teach plays into all other concepts or leadership and team.



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