August Comedy Camp, Drop In Online and In Person Classes 4 Kids Teens

Online Comedy Camp now open for registration!

Registration now open for Summer Camp running June 29 Thru September 3, 2020. We have camp activities Monday-Thursday 9:30am-7pm EST (9:30a-4p PST) plus bonus/ make up sessions Friday-Sunday (scroll down for exact itinerary) including comedy classes, music, movement, live shows, bonding games and now in person sessions too. Upon registration we will send you all the links for zoom classes and study guides.

Click here to register for full week of camp at $225, or all of August for just $700. Or see links below for individual drop in sessions.

New in person sessions

Friday/Saturday 9:30-11am in Central Park with Andrea. Free for campers. $40 to drop by or $120 for up to 8 classes (four weeks) in person only. Click here to sign up for in person only

Drop in Comedy Classes Online

  • Improv Comedy Fridays 1pm, Sundays-Thursdays 5pm EST
  • Stand Up Comedy Mondays-Wednesdays 12:45pm EST
  • These sessions are free/included for campers. $25 for a single class. $75/ four classes. Click links below to register.
  • Comedy 4 Teens
  • Comedy 4 Kids


Most campers do two of the following blocks. Half day campers can do ONE of the following blocks. All campers welcomed at all fun blocks 3pm EST AND FRIDAY-SUNDAY activities listed above.

9:30am-12:30pm EST

East Coast mornings start with a daily welcome and movement class to warm up, and train our performance body. Acting stretches, breathing, mime work, character development and more.

Then we move into Improv Comedy Class. Each day we play at least one workshop style game to build technique and other skills in writing, performance and life. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are almost exclusively run by teen terns (our CITs) to give a more camp like fun experience and provide leadership training for our teen students.

12pm is technically a lunch break but we leave the rooms open for playing games like mafia, or just bonding/social times.

9:30am-12pm PST 12:30pm-3pm EST

Our West coast campers join us at 9:30am PST. We repeat the morning welcome. Also invited are our east coast campers doing the west coast track or half day afternoons.

At 9:45am (12:45 east coast) we start musical comedy class. This is part class voice and part musical Improv class. We decided this year to up the ante on training the performer instrument, offering a more well rounded theater arts program. While the morning session teaches physical performance, this class builds vocal talents that enhance both the speaking and singing voice. We also teach rhythm and rhyme. Each week we include playing an Improv game that can be used in performance.

10:45am PST (1:45 EAST COAST) It’s time for stand up comedy. During the welcome sessions we do a daily brainstorming excercises to prepare ourselves. Monday we brainstorm and share a story or three from our personal experience and observations. Tuesday we brainstorm details fleshing out the stories. Wednesday we add the funny, adding fiction, MAGIC THREE, and other tricks (playing with attitude, rhythm, volume, tone etc). Thursday we outline all our work, focusing on a powerful open and close. Each day we share our stories for 3 minutes. Immediately after leaving stage, we journal our experience, preparing for the next stage.

3-5pm fun block

Mondays at 3:05 is a professional comedy show by the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH. AKA Improv 4 Kids, this is fun for the whole family and free for all campers, students and their families to enjoy.

Tuesday-Thursday the teenterns are in charge, running rounds of Mafia, improv games and sometimes just summer camp style social down time bonding with other kids/teens.

2-4pm PST / 5-7PM EST

We basically repeat the east coast morning session.

2pm PST Improv Comedy

3:15pm PST Movement



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