Amazing NEW Sketch

From the mind of Ami Gillon, this sketch was born out of having a hard time writing a new sketch from November classes. I think this started out as a joke, but became a perfect comedy bit!

Sketch can be tough. With Improv and Stand-Up you can totally wing it. We learnt o wing it with more skill and experience over time. In order to turn your sketch vision into a completed filmed product, this takes lots of planning and coordination.

In normal times, we need to work out the script and shot list, casting, lighting & sound, location scouting etc. Time is valuable.

However, especially in the current confines, you have to work out all the details before sending your actors to go film themselves. With remote filming we are not there to direct the actors. We need to trust our performers, but they deserve 100% planning from us so they can be confident in their work and deliver the performances we need.

The filming process is akin to green screen acting. In Jurassic Park and similar movies, actors have to imagine something horrific or funny. But at least the actors had a small army of directors and tech folks leading the way.

These teens are alone in their rooms with a camera on their phone, in some cases wo even a tripod. Sam said he taped his phone to a chair. They are mounting green screens to the wall – in some cases a $1 table cloth (My idea for budget options)

Longer story shorter….

Ami took a joke about having writer’s block into a master class in sketch comedy production.

The sky is the limit when you are having fun!

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