FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP when your class buys new Comedy Text Book

Improv on Zoom
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Whether a school, camp, community center, or just a group of friends ready to make each other laugh, buy ten or more copies of the new Improv on Zoom or Stand Up-Comedy and author Walt Frasier will host a free one hour master class online (or discount an 8-class residency) EMAIL to get more details and/or schedule your session.

A professional actor for 25+ years, Walt Frasier began his comedy journey in 2002 when he co-founded EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv. In the past eighteen years Frasier has produced 7000+ shows, many for k12 audiences via the troupe’s Improv 4 Kids program at schools, camps and community centers.

In 2009, Frasier was named the Director of Instruction at the Comedy Hall of Fame where he developed their initial school outreach program.

In 2011 Improv 4 Kids opened their own Times Square comedy school. Hundreds of students have studied Improv and Stand-Up comedy, and a few have even appeared on TV (Did you catch Ethan on Master of None? Or Sam on The Chew) and won a few competitions. (In 2019 Kenan Thompson named 12yo Carolyn “America’s Funniest Kid”. The year before Judah was the runner up touring America’s top comedy clubs.)

While a few have impressed with publicly recognizable accomplishments, hundreds have impressed with leaps in self-confidence, creative writing and public speaking skills.

Frasier claims, “As much as I love seeing students on TV and winning competitions, the real win is watching a shy student tear down those walls of fear. Teaching everyone they have deserve a voice, and they have nothing to fear, is the greatest thing to experience.

Sssssshhhhh….. It’s a secret

Comedy is an art form that teaches valuable life skills. But don’t tell the students that.

The real secret behind the success of these programs (public classes, residencies and even one off workshops for k12 students) is focusing on having fun.

Don’t tell students they are learning valuable life skills. Don’t tell them simply playing Improv Games teaches team skills, critical thinking, and even Empathy.

Don’t tell them writing and Performing jokes and stories will turn them into great leaders.

Thinking of those end goals while in process just creates ego and insecurity.

The secret is getting lost in the moment and just Do. Just play. Just have fun!

Interested in classes with Walt Frasier and his team? Currently online, Improv 4 Kids and it’s parent company EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH, offers public programming for kids, teens and adults as well as private shows and Workshops for corporate teams, colleges, k12 schools, camps and community programs. Also family events.

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