Thursday 1/14 8pm LMAO REUNION SHOW Live Online

Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 8pm

The one hour show will be hosted by co founding member Walt Frasier (Billions, Blue Bloods, Letterman, MTV) and improvised by Amelia Fowler (Pose, Power, FBI, current member since 2009 – coming soon costarring roles in Newark and Are You Happy Now), Laurice Fattal (Exec Producer, 2002 founding member), Evan Schultz (off Broadway, Long Island Theater, current member since 2009), and Pat Reidy (numerous commercials, Indy films, current member since 2010). These vets will be joined by CB Murray (Dreamgirls Original Broadway Cast, Honky Tonk Nights on Broadway), Chris Leidenfrost (Greatest Pirate Story Never Told & Flanagan’s Wake off Broadway), Paul DeGrocco (former voice of the Long Island Ducks, radio DJ), and fan favorite all around nice guy and awesome dad, NY’s own John Gleason.

  • CLICK HERE to register. Tickets run $10-20/household (Just register ONCE and invite everyone under your roof to watch! NEVER share ZOOM links publicly)
  • EMAIL to book a private show for your next event – 7000+ shows since 2002 include numerous shows for corporate events, college/university shows and K12 educational outreach. We’ll see you back in off Broadway in Times Square ASAP

ONLINE CLASSES January / February 2021 Schedule

If you are currently registered for classes, request the zoom link for any show for FREE.


We are actively planning our comeback to live shows in Times Square and touring. We will be ready to performing private outdoor events .starting this April. Hopefully we will be back in thre club by summer, if not sooner.


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