Sketch Comedy Writer’s Forum February 2021

Develop, collaborate, write, produce and showcase original sketch comedy of your very own in just four weeks. (Playlist of recent sketches from Producer, Walt Frasier)

About this Event

At the end of four weeks (plus needed production time) every participant will have a script and a produced comedy video (filmed remotely) for their portfolio, hosted on our online platforms. This is a class but run more like a writer’s room. Come network, bounce your ideas around, get your scripts read and produced.

February 7 Brainstorm, Pitch, Discuss and Improv ideas. Each writer will have at least 10 minutes dedicated to their script ideas.

February 14 In a perfect world writers have a rough draft ready to read. Or use the time allotted to further improvise and discuss plans.

February 21 Read Through and discuss scripts

February 28 Final Read and Pre-production

Production Meeting: Each writer will schedule a production meeting to meet with cast. Prepare a shot list, discuss costume.

As needed we will assist with production, editing etc as needed however we recommend taking these tasks on to develop the skills.


CLASSIC LMAO SKETCHES (Listed via MOST viewed on YouTube)

Here are some recent sketches from Walt Frasier’s Teen Sketch Class (Online Since September 2020). Sign up for February/March Teen Session CLICK HERE

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