Improv Workshops w/ Walt Frasier Times Square NYC Online Worldwide

  • Corporate Training – Team Building, Leadership, Sales, Customer Service
  • College Groups
  • K12 Schools, Camps, Community Groups
  • Public Classes (Currently ONLINE) for Adults, Teens & Kids include Stand-Up, Improv and Sketch Comedy from Walt Frasier and his team form EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (AKA LMAOff Broadway and The Original Improv 4 Kids)
  • CLICK HERE to download/print one-pager PDF
  • EMAIL now for more information on public and private programming, scheduling dates, and rates.

Have fun playing games!
Share much needed laughter!
Develop valuable life skills!

Every one hour session includes a series of games. Our primary goal is creating laughter. Our #1 Rule is to HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense. While playing these games we develop creative writing and critical thinking, public presentation and team communications, and self confidence. Simply playing these games teaches empathy. The games we play on day one are the same games we play as professionals before a show to warm up. Sometimes the class will play the same games we play in our shows. Compared with most performing arts, Improv students are ready to perform on some level after the first session. In fact with in five minutes we are actually performing for each other, sharing and creating much needed laughter. You will learn soon that playing these games is so much more fun that watching the most talented artists perform, trying to make you laugh.

Professionally acting since the mid-90s, Walt Frasier has been performing (5000+ professional shows live from Times Square, NYC and touring Nationwide) and teaching Improv Comedy since 2002. In addition to his successful Times Square School, Walt Frasier works with corporate teams, college groups and K12 schools, using Improv create much needed laughter and teaching creativity, public speaking skills and self-confidence. Since March 2020, Walt has logged 1000+ hours teaching/performing online via ZOOM and other platforms.

Walt Frasier is a founding member of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (AKA LMAOff Broadway, The Original Improv 4 Kids), former director of instruction for the Comedy Hall of Fame, and has international credits in TV (Billions, Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, Lilyhammer, Letterman etc), Theater (Off Broadway, Regional & Touring) and Music (Opera, Concert Soloist). Walt is a NYC DOE Vendor, has worked with K12 schools nationwide, hosting groups for shows & workshops at their Times Square theater and touring. Walt is also a corporate improv specialist using Improv to teach team building, leadership, sales, and service. Clients include Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, AMEX, Master Card, Twitter, BING, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Home Depot, GM, Kraft and 100s more.

IMPROV on ZOOM We have logged 1000+ hours teaching Improv comedy to kids, teens and adults, and 150+ live shows for corporate groups, K12 outreach, family/friend events and publicly broadcast programs via ZOOM. This is both a list of 100+ games to paly on ZOOM, with some tricks we have learned the past 10 months plus universal tips to creating characters, relationships, settings and story.

STAND UP COMEDY Walt Frasier’s four step method to developing new comedy material is based on years of experience and observation of the most successful in NYC comedy. Unlock your brain’s library of knowledge and wisdom, flushing our ideas and details. Then learn to think out of the box to turn these personal stories of experience and observation into full comedy routines. Learn to FIND the funny in your work and better present the work with deeper meaning and effect.

Walt Frasier, artistic director of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH and author of the above two books, is a classically trained actor and singer that has been working and teaching in comedy since 2002. TV Credits include Billions, Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, Lilyhammer, Letterman etc. Frasier has also professionally performed live internationally including off-Broadway, regional and touring theater, opera, and music.

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