February 2021 Online Comedy Classes – Kids, teens, Adults

Comedy Class are great for those with professional aspirations in comedy, those business professional looking to beef up their creativity, communication skills and self confidence, for those just share in creating some much needed laughter in these crazy times. While we miss our Times Square theater it has been cool working with students from around the world, including many of the 50 states, Canada, England, Norway, India and even Australia. We use versions of these same classes to teach corporate groups team building, leadership/management, sales and service skills. We also are NYC DOE vendors, offering programs to K12 schools, camps and community centers. EMAIL us for more information about public and private programming – shows, masterclasses, workshops and residencies. Scroll below for a listing of upcoming online classes. See you back in Times Square ASAP!!!!

QUICK LINKS – Adult Classes, Open to 16+

  • Mondays 8pm Stand-Up Comedy
  • Tuesdays 8pm Improv Comedy
  • Wednesdays 8pm Improv Comedy
  • Saturdays 2pm Long Form Improv Comedy
    Drop by anytime for $25/class. Sign up for a single class $75 (four weeks, ONE class/week) or register for unlimited access at $125/month to ALL of the above.
  • Sundays 7pm Sketch Comedy Forum $75/Month includes FOUR CLASSES and a produced video from your original sketch comedy script

QUICK LINKS – Youth Programming

  • Sundays-Thursdays 5pm Comedy 4 Kids
  • Sundays- Thursdays 6pm Comedy 4 Teens
  • Saturdays 12pm Advanced Comedy 4 Teens*
  • Sundays 1pm Teen Sketch Comedy*
    *Advanced teen comedy classes virtually sold out to returning students. EMAIL us to have your child considered for this programming.


Sign up for any group of classes above at the $125 unlimited rate and start TODAY. Get 5+ week of access to 20+ classes. Start Today (1/19) and pay as little as $5/class. START HAVING FUN TODAY!!!!


CLICK HERE to register for this session, not available for drop in, you must commit to full month. Each participant will develop an original script, through brainstorming exercises, improv, discussion and table reads in class. We will help you produce the script – casting, production, editing and even online hosting on our various social media platforms. Get amazing experience and exposure while building your portfolio.

Stand-Up Comedy

Walt Frasier, as laid out in his book Stand-Up Comedy (availabel FREE via KindleUnlimited), teaches a simple four step method to develop new comedy material. Our brains are the library for our creativity, and each step to Walt’s method is about unlocking our memories and then thinking out of the box to turn our personal stories of observation and experience, over the course of four classes, into original 5-minute comedy routines.

Improv Comedy ALL LEVELS Game Play

This is so much more than a IMPROV 1010 class. Various professional players from the ranks of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH lead a series of warm-up, technique building and performance games. While open to beginners, this is not necessarily just for beginners. The great aspect of Improv is that most games can be played by all. Over time you will develop skills in character development, world building, story telling, team work, and more, but everyone can start playing TODAY with zero experience. This class invites anyone looking to play for the first time or to keep their skills going, or just to have some fun networking with new players.

Long Form Improv Comedy

Samuel Van Wyk introduces students to various Long Form Styles and techniques to sustain characters and stories long past the short form games most people know from WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY. Some experience required. Total beginners may find this class a bit overwhelming. IN addition to years performing professionally with EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH, Sam has completed the full studio program in both Improv & Sketch Comedy at UCB.


Comedy 4 Kids
Comedy 4 Teens

Walt Frasier heads up the program, with teaching artists form EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (AKA Improv 4 Kids touring K12 schools). Both focus primarily on Improv comedy but also include stand-up comedy. Few students attend all 20 monthly classes, but most register for the unlimited packages and pop in 2-3 sessions/week.

While we are very proud of our students appearing on TV and winning major competitions in comedy performance, we are more proud of the 1000s of students that have worked with our teaching artists over the years developing creativity, public speaking skills and self confidence.

OPTIONAL TEXTBOOKS for these classes. Both available for FREE via KindleUnlimited. While written with Youth Audience in mind, the lessons are universal for all levels/ages of comedy student, teacher and professional.

IMPROV on ZOOM We have logged 1000+ hours teaching Improv comedy to kids, teens and adults, and 150+ live shows for corporate groups, K12 outreach, family/friend events and publicly broadcast programs via ZOOM. This is both a list of 100+ games to paly on ZOOM, with some tricks we have learned the past 10 months plus universal tips to creating characters, relationships, settings and story.

STAND UP COMEDY Walt Frasier’s four step method to developing new comedy material is based on years of experience and observation of the most successful in NYC comedy. Unlock your brains library of knowledge and wisdom, flushing our ideas and details. Then learn to think out of the box to turn these personal stories of experience and observation into full comedy routines. Learn to FIND the funny in your work and better present the work with deeper meaning and effect.

Walt Frasier, artistic director of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH and author of the above two books, is a classically trained actor and singer that has been working and teaching in comedy since 2002. TV Credits include Billions, Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, Lilyhammer, Letterman etc. Frasier has also professionally performed live internationally including off-Broadway, regional and touring theater, opera, and music.

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