PROBABLY NOT? But this should hopefully be the last month of exclusively online offerings from New York Improv Theater. Follow this blog for the latest news on reopening NYC Comedy Clubs!!!!

March Class Quick Links

  • CLASSES 4 ADULTS See below for specific offerings
  • CLASSES 4 TEENS Sundays-Fridays 6-7pm
  • CLASSES 4 KIDS Sundays-Thursdays 5pm
  • Online Show schedule to be announced later today…
  • EMAIL requests for private workshops, shows. Not sure when we can host events at our Times Square theater but we are NOW taking in person outdoor event requests for April 2021. All event requests for Summer 2021 considered at this point.
  • APRIL SCHEDULE TO BE POSTED SOON will include out door classes and shows in Central Park and beyond.
See you back in Times Square soon at the Broadway Comedy Club, NYC

Online Classes will continue as we reopen!!!!

YES! We intend to keep offering our patrons online class offerings. Starting after the Easter weekend (April 1-5) we will be cutting back our offerings online in favor of more in person sessions but we acknowledge that, until the entire country is vaccinated, there will be a population that needs laughs AND we love all of our new comedy family we met online form around the world. It will be sometime before folks will be ready to travel to NYC and most won’t come here JUST to play some Improv comedy games in a class. ZOOM and other platforms allow us to send NYC quality entertainment and teaching to the four corners of the world. Every town has Improv comedy now, but not every town has TV credited performers sharing their talents and wisdom at local class rates. ALSO we recognize that with the increase in remote work (which started growing long before Quarantine Life) is the new normal for millions. We will certainly be offering corporate options to bring teams separated by oceans, together to play and bond with laughter.


Get unlimited access to ALL adult online class sessions for just $75. Or you can continue to drop by any single class for just $25. Each session is somewhat self contained and works as a one-off.

  • Mondays: Stand-Up Comedy with Walt Frasier
  • Wednesdays: Improv Jam ALL LEVELS (Short Form Games) with Walt Frasier
  • Saturdays: Long Form Improv Comedy (Intermediate level work) with Samuel Van Wyk

Stand-Up Comedy

Walt Frasier, as laid out in his book Stand-Up Comedy, teaches a simple four step method to develop new comedy material. Our brains are the library for our creativity, and each step to Walt’s method is about unlocking our memories and then thinking out of the box to turn our personal stories of observation and experience, over the course of four classes, into original 5-minute comedy routines.

Improv Comedy ALL LEVELS Game Play

While open to beginners, this is not necessarily just for beginners. The great aspect of Improv is that most games can be played by all. Over time you will develop skills in character development, world building, story telling, team work, and more, but everyone can start playing TODAY with zero experience. So this class can be a great introduction to new players while feeling like a refresher course/rehearsal for more experienced artists.

Long Form Improv Comedy

Samuel Van Wyk introduces students to various Long Form Styles and techniques to sustain characters and stories long past the short form games most people know from WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY. Some experience required. Total beginners may find this class a bit overwhelming. IN addition to years performing professionally with EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH, Sam has completed the full studio program in both Improv & Sketch Comedy at UCB.

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