Stand-Up Comedy Class April Sessions 4 Kids, Teens, Adults

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  • Fridays 7pm Teens (12-17) Click Here to Register
  • Fridays 6pm Kids (12 and under) Click Here to Register
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FOUR WEEKS to a New Stand-Up Comedy Routine

As outlined in his book, STAND-UP COMEDY, Walt Frasier can help you develop a new routine in four classes. Don’t try and write a full routine before coming to class. Trust the system and let’s find your funny together.

  • STEP-ONE: Brainstorm Ideas
  • STEP TWO: Brainstorm Details
  • STEP THREE: Outline Your Routine
  • STEP FOUR: Find The Funny

At each step of the process you will get on stage, or share your work via ZOOM. Prepare yourself before getting stage with that class’ study guide. HAVE FUN sharing your ideas, stories, commentary etc. THEN Analyze your work to prepare for a better outing next time. After four weeks of brainstorming, performing and analyzing the process, you will discover a new comedy routine. It may not be ready for primetime, but it will be ready to work and rework on a comedy show. Don’t rush the process.

When we jump to FIND THE FUNNY the first class, or try to script out our routine we are short changing the process of Improvisation and interacting with the class. We fail to listen to our selves or the crowd because we are focused on reading or reciting from memory the written routine.

Along the way we will discuss some important performance tricks to shape your routine. You will learn the words are such a small part of our comedy process. Presentation skills, timing and more will shape our ideas in to winning routines.

Word of advice…


Teacher: Walt Frasier has one of the leading schools in New York City (EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH – AKA Improv 4 Kids, Improv 4 Teens) for kids & teens learning both stand-up and improv comedy.. His student, 12yo Carolyn White, was named the “Funniest kid in America” by Kenan Thompson, after winning the SNL star’s national talent search.. Mr. Frasier also directs numerous programs in residency at NYC area schools and camps. TV credits include Billions, Royal Pains, Blue Bloods, Lilyhammer, Letterman and NICK. Theater Credit faves include Harold Hill (Music man), Prince Karl Franz (Student Prince), Rodolfo (La Boheme), Henry VIII (A Man for All Seasons), Jack (Where’s Charlie), Avram (Fiddler on the Roof). Also the 2nd national tour of Scarlet Pimpernel, multiple Fringe Festival and other original works in NYC.

Improv 4 Kids (2 Book Series) now available on Amazon, FREE via KindleUnlimited

  • Stand-Up Comedy by Walt Fraser is a text book for comics and teachers looking to bring fun creative writing sections into the classroom.
  • Improv on Zoom by Walt Frasier is a list of games with tips and tricks to play online as well as Improv technique and wisdom.

Walt Frasier has been teaching kids, teens and adults for 18 years. In addition to his comedy school in Times Square (NOW Online) Frasier has worked with hundreds of corporate teams, colleges and K12 schools.

EMAIL to book private shows/workshops for schools, camps, community centers and family events can be scheduled anytime for just $200. Up to 100 guests can interact with the artist and enjoy the 45-minute show. (regular $600-800/show LIVE in time square or at your venues)

MORE from EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH improv including adult classes and shows for corporate groups, colleges etc

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