Fun Facts: Humble Beginnings NYC Improv Comedy

  • Starting a comedy troupe
  • Origin of the Name
  • First Show

Fun Facts: Humble Beginnings NYC Improv Comedy

The first show under the name of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH happened in 2002. Both focused by the horrifying events of the previous year, Laurice Fattal and Walt Frasier spent the most of 2002 working as actors. The problem, married for four years, most of this work took the young artist out of the city and away from each other.

While Walter was performing Fiddler on the Roof at Gateway Playhouse, then on the second national Scarlet Pimpernel tour, Laurice, among a number cool off-off-Broadway projects, started working with Bob Monaco’s Comedy Show. Bob, an experienced DJ, Broadcaster actor and a road dog #standupcomedy veteran, was a great influence on both Laurice.and Walter. While that troupe fell apart after a couple shows in the fall of 2002, the spark was lit.

Laurice and Walt decided to keep a date Bob booked at Danny’s Seagreen Ballroom, a cabaret #theater that used to operate across the street from Don’t Tell Mama’s piano bar on Restaurant Row.

In three weeks, the couple auditioned new artists, wrote a couple new sketches, rehashed a few they had written for Bob’s revue and put up a show.

Why did we call it EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH?

No joke, the booker at Danny’s called and needed a name for the calendar. This is the best we came up with. A year later we learned the website name was unavailable, as it was the name of a popular group sex porn series.

That first show was mostly sketch comedy, musical parody (we wanted it be the next Capital Steps) and just a little Improv, so we could brag interactive.

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