Laughter IS the Best Medicine

It doesn’t take much to get the average person to laugh. Picture a lineup of funny movies or television shows, and chances are that you let out a chuckle just thinking about them. Over the years, psychologists have found that laughter can change your mood and increase your pain threshold. It is now widely considered an effective treatment for depression because it can boost your mood and relieve stress in a startlingly fast way. So it might come as no surprise to know that when you laugh, your brain is flooded with endorphins – your body’s natural painkillers.

When we laugh, our bodies begin to produce endorphins almost immediately because parts of the nervous system stimulate glands to secrete endorphins (a type of neurotransmitter). Endorphins are chemicals produced by the central nervous system that act as natural painkillers; they not only make us feel good but also block out the signals of pain. Laughing helps to relax your breathing passages and stimulates circulation, both of which promote health and vitality throughout the body. Better blood flow helps heal cuts and bruises more quickly, decreases stiffness.

Studies at John Hopkins and other universities have shown laughing in the class room increases test scores.

Even Better, Making The World Laugh

We believe learning to create laughs in others is even more beneficial.

William Fry, Stanford’s University’s late, great humor Guru, said that humor builds a better brain every time we compare to otherwise dissimilar things.

Other studies show the process of being creative turns on certain parts of the brain, while turning off those that induce fear and anxiety.

Comedy makes life better, while teaching your mind to think in new ways. Laughter IS the best medicine. Comedy classes are pure joy. Comedy shows and classes in your office or school builds community. Comedy moves us forward in every way possible.

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