11/13 Saturday 3pm Times Square NYC Improv Comedy Off-Broadway

11/13 Saturday 3pm Off Broadway Improv Comedy Hosted by Walt Frasier (Billions, Blue Bloods, Letterman, MTV etc) with Laurice Fattal, Ilan Kaplan, Andrea Hernendez Mieres, and Dewight Braxton Jr.

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Live from Times Square & Touring Nationwide since 2002 the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH creates original skits and songs improvised based on audience suggestions and participation.

Come be a part of the show!!!

Interactive Musical Comedy Improvised Off Broadway NYC

The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH delivers high energy fast paced interactive comedy improvised on the spot based on audience suggestions. Every 5 minutes the MC interacts directly with the crowd and you decide what the next scene or song is about. Politics, Sports, your favorite TV shows and films and New York City itself all serve as topical subjects. Many games require the help of audience volunteers on stage to more directly steer the comedy pros. NO TWO SHOWS ARE EVER THE SAME!

All professional comedy cast includes international talent from STAGE, TV and FILM including WALT FRASIER (Billions, Friends of the People, Royal Pains, Blue Bloods, Letterman, MTV), AMELIA FOWLER (Top Five w/ Chris Rock, Power, Bull, Mysteries of Laura, Orange is the New Black, Blue Bloods), THOMAS BURNS SCULLY (Comedy Central’s Broad City, HBO’s The Rock n’ Roll Project, and IVANA MENDEZ (Start Up on SONY Crackle, Wrecked on TBS).

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