OBJECTIONS Howto Play Large Group Improv Games

Objections, in lieu of a musical form, is a fun game to open or close a show as it can utilize the entire team and can generate some high energy drama. This game is a favorite among our pro cast and students.

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Create a back line (standing relatively shoulder to shoulder) facing the audience. MC/Judge stands to the side. 

Sample MC Set Up: (Also the Judge.)

For this game we need a debate topic. SOMETHING versus SOMETHING. But not too serious. More like Coke versus Pepsi, or Fries versus Chips. I am the all powerful judge and will moderate this debate featuring our panel of expert lawyers.

Game Play:

Set the timer for 3 minutes. First lawyer steps up and offers their argument for/against something based on topics taken from the audience. At some point, another lawyer will call OBJECTION! or I OBJECT! Wait for the judge to OK the procedure, then present a brief summary of your objection, don’t go into detail. Wait for the Judge to say SUSTAINED which allows the new lawyer to take over the spotlight, or OVERRULED which leaves power of the podium in the first lawyer’s hand. Lawyers always present objections directly to the judge and then offer arguments to the jury, aka the audience. Never talk directly, in conversation or argument to another lawyer. 

Start calm and relaxed. In the last minute speed up the objections and let them get more and more nonsensical. Also let the argument drift away from the initial set up. YES AND… the previous argument. 

The player left on stage at the end of 3-minutes, wins. But remember this is a fake debate. Even in our objects we continue to YES! AND…. supporting each other and the winners.

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