World’s Worst: Howto Play Large Group Improv Games

World’s Worst is a classic played around the world and made famous by Whose Line Is It Anyway. It’s a great stand-alone game for some quick laughs, and we have used it to open, close or a s a midway break in many of our full stage shows. We often use this game in classes to teach character development as we often are looking for flawed working professionals in various jobs or activities.

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World’s Worst


Create a back line (standing relatively shoulder to shoulder) facing the audience. MC stands to the side. 

Sample MC Set Up

For this game I need a job (or activity, event, reason to gather, etc). We will now present the World’s Worst __________ (fill in the black) OR We will now present the World’s Worst thing to see, say or do (insert at a location, while doing an activity, event, gathering etc). When I go BUZZ (or actually hit a bell, blizzard etc) I know what the performers are doing and they will return to the back line.

Game Play:

One at a time, take stage and present the world’s worst person to this given job, activity etc. The second you get suggestions from the audience, BRAINSTORM. See the places this person works,.plays etc. Don’t focus on a joke/words. Focus on character. When it is your turn, become that character, making simple but big bold choices. You can talk and or do an activity (PANTOMIME).

Always face the audience. Put imaginary objects and people on the FOURTH WALL.

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