SOUND EFFECTS: Howto Play Improv Games – Scene, Audience Interactive

Sound effects is one of four to five interactive games we use in almost every performance of our signature show off-Broadway and at private events.

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Set up one or two microphones and two chairs downstage left or right. Start scene off stage. 

Sample MC Set Up:

We need two audience volunteers for the next game. In this game you will support our players by providing sound effects based on their words and actions, making this tiny little stage into a big action movie. (Give Volunteers Practice Examples, then assign each to one of the players)

Game Play:

Start the scene with strong WHO WHERE WHAT choices. You never know what you will get from your helpers. Rarely is it perfect. Expect too much or too little. So focus on great scene work rather than over-playing the gimmick.

You may need to lead the helpers a bit. 

  • “Let me open this big heavy squeaking door”
  • “That’s a very angry dog barking at me”
  • “Jump on the back of my motorcycle and let’s run form the dinosaur”

This is an easy game but takes some practice to focus while dealing with less than great helpers.

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