SWITCH: Howto play Improv Comedy Scene Games

Switch is one of our favorite games at New York Improv Theater and is part of almost every show we do. The MC and players create a funny, detail rich fast paced comedy with a very simple gimmick that allows amazing Improvisation scene work.

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Blank stage, two or more players perform a scene. Anything goes. We recommend starting off stage and entering in character. 

Sample MC Set Up:

For this game, give us your favorite book – maybe the last one you read, or even a favorite children’s story or fairy tale. Every time I yell SWITCH, the performers will switch you the last word, phrase or other aspect of their performance. 

Game Play:

Let the players establish WHO WHERE WHAT before starting the gimmick. MC will then begin to yell SWITCH. Player has full discretion to change the last word, phrase, inflection and/or movement that was just previously offered. 

MC can choose to offer a specific SWITCH -SWITCH Character voice, SWITCH Dance, SWITCH pathetic excuse, SWITCH reaction etc. 

MAGIC THREE – we recommend calling SWITCH twice most of the time. This sets up a perfect MAGIC THREE. Then call SWITCH once or ten times. After establishing the rhythm of THREE, the change will be jarring to fun effects. 

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