ONE to FIVE: Howto Play Improv Games – Scenes

ONE to FIVE is a great show closer did to it’s high energy, fast paced climatic journey.

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ONE (minute) to FIVE (seconds)


Two players start off stage. MC sits just off stage. 

Sample MC Set Up: 

OPTIONAL: We need an audience volunteer with a watch or timer on their phone. (MC can simply time the scene as well but this adds a fun element, especially for private/interactive centric shows). Your job is to let the players and audience know when ONE minute is up. Throw your hand in the air and make a loud crazy sound. Let me see you practice that. OK GO. 

Game Play:

To begin, when told to start, two or more players simply perform a one-minute scene. Make Bold WHO WHERE WHAT choices. Stop when MC or volunteer calls AND SCENE. 

MC will now call for the exact same scene to play again but in HALF that time, 30-seconds. Repeat this process, doing the scene in 15, 10 and finally 5 seconds. 

To get audience volunteers more involved, you can kind of mess with them on their END OF SCENE performance. Have fun but don’t make them feel bad about themselves. Keep it light, silly not mean.  

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