PBS TALK SHOW: Howto Play Improv Games – Scenes, Pantomime

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Two players sit downstage left or right. A third player stands just off center.

Sample MC Set Up: 

We will now take a break from our Improv. We need to film a talk show and we intend to use you as our studio audience. I need the name of a book that has NEVER been written. This is PBS, but our sign language interpreter could not make it so, (Insert name of player) will be providing interpretive dance, translating for the folks at home. 

Game Play:

One player interviews the other in a mock TV show. The third player acts out EVERYTHING said as movement. Alternate translating words/phrases with acting out the story. Starty small and build. 

  1. TV HOST: Introduce yourself, the name of your show, the author and their book
  2. For 2-3 minutes TOPS, Interview the authors. Remember, you have read the book so you can say “I love it in chapter four when the dogs chased you thru the woods” rather than empty questions like “What happens in chapter four”
  3. Wrap the interview with where can you buy the book, what’s the next book about, what are you hobbies etc
  4. Next time I will have (Maybe name a celebrity) as my guest. Until then BYE BYE.
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