IMAGINARY BALLS: Howto Play Large Group Warm Up Improv Games, Pantomime

IMAGINARY BALLS is a great way to focus an excited bunch, build Pantomime skills and connect a team.

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Imaginary Balls


Stand in a circle/oval. No one in front of behind another.

Sample MC Set Up: 

This is an orange ball. (Pantomime holding a ball) this ball will stay the same size, weight and color throughout the game. Start by making eye contact with another in the circle and then say THIS IS AN ORANGE and THEN pass it. Receiving player catches the SAME ball and says THANK YOU ORANGE BALL.

Game Play:

The leader has the power to create new balls. Each ball will have a unique size, color and weight.  

When you hold a ball, don’t say a word until you have connected with another strictly using eyes and body language.

Always ANNOUNCE the ball before throwing. Rushing this process will result in list balls or changing balls. It is your sole purpose to clearly communicate what you are passing, words matching your movement.

When you don’t have a ball your job is to look for a ball holder in need of a receiver. Your job is to support. Catch the SAME ball thrown, matching the energy just right. No need to over act. Precision is best. And finish saying THANK YOU.

Eventually the leader collects all the balls (Walter pantomimes eating them)

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