WHOOSH: Howto Play Large Group Warm Up Improv Games

WHOOSH is a favorite with all our students and corporate team building events.It brings out the inner 5yo silly in us while developing listening and focus, projection and coordination.

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Stand in a circle/oval. No one in front of behind another.

Sample MC Set Up: 

Let’s play WHOOSH. The most important part about this game is following the energy around the circle with your eyes. Let’s start by simply passing a whoosh to the left. (Continue as per below). Now let’s whoosh to the right.

Game Play:

Important thing to note, there is no one way to do these games. Feel free to invent new ways to pass the energy, heighten the fun. Here are a few we have added over the years.

WHOOSH: Two hands shovel the energy to the player immediately left or right with. WHOOSH sound.

BONK: Smash one fist into your palm and exclaim BONK. This is a block or better, reverses the flow of a whoosh.

RAMP: Point both hands over the head of the next player saying RAMP. That player ducks, screams all ina goofy yet semi realistic to avoid the car jumping over. Energy is skipped and passed to the next player.

PIZZA: Pantomime passing a pizza across the circle.

SPIDERMAN: Break out your next web slingers, exclaim SPIDERMAN FWOOP FWOOP. (Each FWOOP is a web shooting from your wrists). You and player across the circle are elastically drawn to each other and switch positions in the circle.

BOOTYLICIOUS: Yell BOOTYLICIOUS and EVERYONE in the circle gets funky, club style, bust a move etc. After 2-3 beats whoosh it along.

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