Corporate Team Building Improv Comedy Shows & Workshops available live in Times Square, NYC,Nationwide and Virtual

Team Building Improv Comedy Shows, Workshops, Murder Mystery etc available live from Times Square, NYC, Nationwide and Virtual. Recent and past clients include Regeneron, Koala, JP Morgan Chase, Milbank, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Accenture, Louis Vuitton, Twitter, HBO, Coach, AMEX, Master Card, Home Depot, Datadog HQ, UBS, Ernst and Young, Johnson and Johnson, US Medicare, NYC Teachers (DOE VENDOR) , and 100s more.

First, choose your venue:

  • OUR HOUSE We can host your team at our Times Square NYC theater one block from the Colbert Show Stage Door, featuring low day time facility rates, two stages, 50 & 140 seats plus bar and snacks available in house. We also work with many local restaurants and caterers to meet your taste and budget needs. OR we are a block away from numerous award winning restaurants. Join us for a couple hours of laughs then head over to The Palm.
  • NATIONWIDE We can send our teachers and shows anywhere nationwide, almost daily traveling to offices and other venues DC to Boston. We’ve even turned a VP’s living room and many conference rooms into a comedy club for holiday events. We’ve presented shows around town at The Palm, Fogo de Chao, Numerous hotel ballrooms, etc.
  • ONLINE We can host your team remotely via ZOOM. We can handle up to 90 on one call for a show, using breakout rooms for larger workshop groups.
  • Check menu links for public shows and classes
  • Email for dates/rates and more information regarding private events – shows, workshops, professional development, one day retreats/seminars, etc.

What does your team need the most?

When you reach out to us for a session, before deciding show v workshop v other product of ours, consider your team’s needs and goals.

  • FUN?

From 2008-2020, I might have put fun last, but these days, most teams just need a chance to bond over laughter. Our shows and workshops start with fun. Simply playing Improv games replaces 1000s of lectures, books and annoying emails (aka MBA jargon). Simply playing these games, or watching a show, gets the team laughing together. The laughter alone breaks down walls, building strong bonds. Meanwhile, simply playing these games builds valuable team and individual skills: creative writing, critical thinking, public speaking, listening, focus, self confidence, self awareness and even empathy. These skills make us better team mates, better leaders, better sales and service reps.

I come from the philosophy:




In Improv Comedy, “YES!” is all about accepting your colleagues and their contributions to the team. “YES” is Psychological Safety! As we play Improv games we are all equals, regardless of age, experience, race, creed, personality etc. We create a safe space and level playing field for all to play. We accept our colleagues 100% as is. EVERYTHING they say and do. We do not judge. We do not fear.

“AND…” is all about contributing valuable work and information to the team. We are not going to let our colleagues do all the work by simply saying “YES!” We are going to take this to the next level by accepting our colleagues work and building upon with our own contributions, supporting everything that comes before our new addition.”AND…” is Performance Drive, coming from within.

When the whole team embraces “YES! And…” we enter the learning zone together. The entire team is now personally engaged in the success of the team. This brings out the best in all of us. We leave ego and insecurity behind. We trust ourselves and our team. We now are hyper focused on team success and its goals. The entire team accepts and overcomes challenges together. The entire team has agency. The entire team wins.

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