FALL CLASSES START September 10, 2022 Kids, Teens, Adults

Improv Comedy teaches us to be our best selves, developing self confidence and self awareness, creativity, critical thinking, public speaking and more. In corporate workshops, we use Improv to teach team building, leadership, sales and service. In K12 schools we align with SEL (Social Emotional Learning), Cultural Arts and Language Arts curriculum. Simply playing Improv comedy games raises your EQ, teaching empathy. But most importantly, WE HAVE FUN!!!!

Fall classes feature EIGHT WEEKS/CLASSES plus a performance showcases for invited friends and family.

  • IMPROV 101 Adults (16+ Welcome) Saturdays 12-1:45pm
  • Improv 4 Teens Saturdays 10-11:45am
  • Improv 4 Kids Saturdays 10-11:45am
  • THE HAROLD Sundays 11:30am Must be approved by instructor, Ilan Kaplan.
  • Check menu links for additional upcoming shows and classes in Times Square NYC, Long Island and touring nationwide.
  • EMAIL your questions to Walt Frasier, Artistic Director. Bring these classes to your office or school and/or let us host your next powerful edutainment event at our Times Square theater.
Improv 4 Kids
Improv 4 Kids / Improv 4 Teens hosts field trips at our Times Square theater and tours Schools, Camps, Community Centers and private events nationwide.

Walt Frasier, Artistic Director, New York Improv Theater

Frasier got his start on TV via commercials and Sketch Comedy bits on MTV and Letterman. In the past decade he has appeared on TruTV’s “Friends of the People”, Showtime’s “Billions” CBS’s “Blue Bloods”, USA’s “Royal Pains” and Netflix’s “Lilyhammer”.

Walt Frasier cofounded EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv Comedy in 2002 and has performed in at least 5000 shows, most often as MC and piano as well as hopping a few scenes.

The DC area (Gaithersburg, Maryland) native has also performed theater & music off-Broadway, regional and touring internationally since 1995.

During Quarantine, Frasier has authored two books: Improv on Zoom and Stand-Up Comedy, both textbooks designed for K12 school students and teachers and available for free via KindleUnlimited. Before opening his own school in 2011, Frasier served as the director of instruction for the Comedy Hall of Fame. Many of his students are now working in the arts, including Steven Prestia (see below). 

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