Long Island Improv Comedy Shows, Classes, Private Events New York

New York Improv Theater (aka EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH, IMPROV 4 KIDS, LMAO etc) has been touring Long Island theaters, schools and events since 2003. Now we have a fully Long Island based troupe, in residence at the Argyle Theatre, Babylon Village, Long Island NY, AND this troupe is ready to entertain your next event without paying for the travel costs of our Manhattan based players.

All of our Long Island players also perform at our off-Broadway shows in Times Square NYC and touring corporate events, college campus activities and k12 educational outreach programs.

9/21/2022 Wednesday 8pm at the Argyle Theatre will be hosted by Artistic Director, Walt Frasier (HBO, MTV, Letterman, Billions, Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, etc plus 25 years international comedy, theater, and music credits)

Interactive Immersive Comedy

The show features skits and songs improvised on the spot based on audience suggestions and participation. Everyone feels part of the show as our EmCee warms up the crowd and gets suggestions for our next game (every scene and musical number is called a game in Improvisation). Many are invited on stage to more personally steer the comedy direction. Don’t worry, getting on stage not your thing? We don’t force anyone. Our job is for you to have fun.


In fact our #1 rule is to HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense. So no bad puns and mean spirited “jokes”. Our show is a great theatrical experience that just happens to be improvised.


Another trait we are famous for is our musical improvisation. Every show features our players improvising lyrics to a blues song, Irish Jig, hip hop and/or other styles. We even finish most shows with a mock Broadway musical comedy improvised based on a single word.

The energy and flow is more like off. Roadway musicals like Forbidden Broadway, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change etc. In fact, way back in 2002, our show looked more like Capital Steps, filled with political and pop culture musical parodies. By 2005 we found our own voice, choosing to improvise the entire show for anymore original experience for our fans and artists alike.


While our shows are a ton of fun, Improv comedy is a valuable tool for corporate teams, college activities and k12 educational outreach programs.

We offer shows, workshops, residencies and professional development programs throughout the Tristate area. Now we can deliver these programs to Long Island without paying NYC troupe travel fees.

  • College / University activities?
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Office Party?
  • Professional Development workshop for teachers? Birthday party 🎉🎉🎉?
  • Scout Troupe?
  • How about a murder mystery dinner?
  • Family Game Night?
  • trivia?

We have nothing but the best professional talent ready to rock your next event!!!

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