NYC Comedy Field Trips K12 Schools Times Square Improv 4 Kids/Teens Shows & Workshops

Planning your next field trip? Looking for something fun and if educational value?

We have shows, workshops, lunch packages and more and deliver the most memorable fields trips you’ll ever take with your students. Shows are grat for all ages while workshops are recommended for grades 3 & up.

  • Check menu links for upcoming shows and classes in Times Square NYC, Long Island and touring nationwide. Weekend matinees great for families, student groups, scouts etc.
  • EMAIL requests for Private shows, workshops, classes, residencies and professional development for teachers at our Times Square NYC theater or at your school, camp or community center. NYC DOE VENDORS

Improv Comedy Field trips deliver more than much needed laughs. Improvisation develops better students.


Improv is SEL, Social Emotional Learning, developing self confidence and self awareness, community, leadership and interpersonal skills.


Improv is Language Arts, developing creativity, critical thinking, story telling and public speaking. We reverse engineer the creative process, making students appreciate reading and discovering novels, short stories and plays.


Improv is cultural arts, exposing students to live theater and music. We create original skits and songs on the spot.


Perhaps, most importantly, improv is fun! Studies at John Hopkins show laughter in the classroom delivers higher test scores. The great late Dr. William Fry, Stamford’s humor guru, says humor “builds a better brain”. Other studies show engaging in creative activities actually turns off the negative / depressing area in the brain itself. Laughter is cardio vascular activity, getting oxygen to the brain. We become more alert and engaging. Laughter breaks down walls of resentment, building bonds of trust. Improv creates laughter in a psychologically safe environment where all can partake and no one is the butt of the joke.


The complete package includes our off-Broadway show, mini workshop and a large slices of midtown’s best slice with a bottle of water (we can also do soft drinks but most elect to avoid the sugar etc).

  • $2000 100ppl $20/additional guest max capacity 140
  • $1000 40ppl $25/additional guest
  • $600 20ppl $30/additional guest
  • $350 10ppl at public show, $35/additional guest


Just need a fun edutainment. We can add a show any day during school hours for as little as $600 up to 50ppl. $1000 up to 140. Students can brown bad it. We will include a q&a after the show.

The show is 60-70 minutes of original skits and songs improvised on the spot based on audience suggestions and participation. We invite a number of students on stage while every 4-5 minutes, our team interacts with the entire audience looking for their next scene inspiration – favorite songs, stories, sports, vacation spots etc.


Simply playing Improv Theater games develops self confidence, self awareness, listening, focus, public speaking, creative writing, critical thinking etc. Improv IS Social Emotional Learning, putting in the muscle memory what 1000s of books and lectures merely discuss.


Why should the kids have all the fun? 😂

We use these same shows and workshops to develop corporate teams. Simply playing Improv games develops team, leadership, sales and service skills. Teachers are called upon to do all of the above every day.

We also teach you how to use Improv in the classroom and share access to our online text book.

We encourage teachers and corporate team leaders to start a session with a quick game to get the blood and creative juices flowing.

The New York Improv Theater is a one stop edutainment center for corporate team building, office / holiday parties and more. Our comedy shows and workshops deliver high impact results. Clients include Google, Mercedes Benz, META /Facebook, TikTok, JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, Morgan Stanley, Twitter, Roblox, Rimowa, EI Digital, Accenture, Datadog HQ, Milbank, BING/Microsoft, Band of America – Merrill Lynch, Home Depot, Ernst & Young, Johnson & Johnson, Louis Vuitton, Coach, UBS, BDO, AMEX, Master Card, Macy’s, 360i, IBM, GM, Kraft, UNILEAVER, HBO, Prudential, Convene, Conference Board and many more…
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