Bring Psychological Safety to Your Office: Improv Comedy Team Building Workshops Times Square NYC

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In 2015 Google declared Psychological Safety the #1 factor in team success. It’s not enough to value your team, but that every member of your team feels valued by you.

Now, by itself, Psychological Safety may seem very “kumbaya” but when balanced with performance drive, a team can reach new heights and overcome any obstacles. This Balance has been named the Learning zone.

Take a look at this chart. Where is your team now?

YES! And… Improv Delivers.

“YES! And…” is the number one rule in Improv.

“YES!” is Psychological Safety. We teach teams to support each other. Our goal on a team is to make the rest of the team look great. Conversely we trust the entire team has our back. We let go of ego and insecurity, which equally destroy creativity, focus, listening etc. We accept. We suspend judgement. We celebrate ideas contary to our own. We respect our peers. We reach out to those that might be shy, less aggressive, instead of ignoring them. We feed off the full potential of skills and knowledge of our teammates to make our own work superb.

We go one farther at 8 Improv, New York Improv Theater. In our professional comedy shows/ classed our company’s #1 rule is “HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense.” We create as a team, building upon eachnkrhers strengths, not by shooting down each other’s flaws, or making cheap jokes about our looks, economic status, backgrounds etc.

“And…” is the performance drive part of the equation. We listen and respond with actions and words that support and expand upon our teammates’ work.

An Improv scene / story becomes a give and take of ideas, a series of bricks that together build a narrative.


Simply playing Improv games replaces 1000s of lectures and books. Playing the games puts into the muscle memory creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, listening, focus, self confidence, self awareness and more.

Simply playing these games creates laughter in a fun safe environment. Laughter itself is a cardiovascular activity. Laughter promotes blood flow, deep breathing and jng oxygen in the brain. Laughter has been proven to reduce stress, build bonds and even raise test scores when humor is used in teaching.

In a 90-120 minute workshop we play a number of games. The session itself will be a powerful tool in bringing your team together. After a quick 3-5 minute introduction, we simply play. We have fun. No one will feel put on the spot or forced beyond comfort zone. We begin with larger groups games, then break out into smaller teams, and finally come back together for a fun group activity.

Then, we hope you will bring these games into the office. The real power is playing these games regularly. Start the week off with 5-minutes of ZIP ZAP ZUP or ONE WORD STORY. Play WHAT ARE YOU DOING before a big meeting to get the blood, and there by creative juices, flowing.

Our Credentials

The New York Improv Theater is a one stop edutainment center for corporate team building, office / holiday parties and more. Our comedy shows and workshops deliver high impact results. Clients include Google, Mercedes Benz, META /Facebook, TikTok, JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, Morgan Stanley, Twitter, Roblox, Rimowa, EI Digital, Accenture, Datadog HQ, Milbank, BING/Microsoft, Band of America – Merrill Lynch, Home Depot, Ernst & Young, Johnson & Johnson, Louis Vuitton, Coach, UBS, BDO, AMEX, Master Card, Macy’s, 360i, IBM, GM, Kraft, UNILEAVER, HBO, Prudential, Convene, Conference Board and many more…

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