Saturday 10am Improv Comedy 4 Kids & Teens Times Square NYC


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Almost every Saturday, treat your child to homemade joy and laughter. While having a ton if fun, simply playing Improv games develops creativity,critical thinking, public speaking, listening, focus, self confidence, self awareness and more. The Saturday 10am class is a blend of ages and skill levels. We have new students joining almost weekly, while many have been playing for 6+ years. All students get free tickets to our professional shows. Regular participants are invited to monthly showcases.

Our #1 Rule: HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense!

No cheap hurtful jokes here!!!

Improv #1 Rule: YES! And…

Support your team, accept them and their ideas, and carry your weight building a scene.

Comedy’s #1 Skill: Listening

Listen with your eyes. Listen with the willingness to change.

Social Emotional Learning

We use improv to train corporate groups team building, leadership, sales and service skills. A primary goal for our youth programming is to teach these skills early, as students go through changes, hanging on to fun creative inner youth instead of confused butter teen tendencies. Carry those skills into adulthood and become our leaders, best teammates and top sales performers.

Our comics become leaders in their school, actively participating in class and other programs. Improv is the best tool for over coming social anxiety.

Professional Performers

Our goal was never to create professional working talent however, we have some amazing kids and teens taking the world by storm on many fronts, from winning comedy competitions to booking TV, film and commercials. Watch Sway Bhatia’s starring role on The Might Ducks (Disney+), reoccuring role on Succession (HBO) and dozens of other products. The student has seriously surpass a the master here and we could not be more proud..

Improvisation is a major tool is discovering self and our characters. In a world rarely invests in rehearsal, improv is key to stay focused and creating on the spot moments on camera. In theater, it is Improvisation that helps us take the words on a lage into real life portrayals.

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