Laughter Starts Here: Improv Comedy Jam/Class, Saturdays 12pm, Times Square NYC, January 28 thru March 26

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Laughter Starts Here: Improv Comedy Jam/Class, Saturdays 12pm, Times Square NYC, January 28 thru March 26

Treat yourself and/or your loved ones to much needed laughter!!!

Improv Comedy help students discover their best selves building self confidence, creative writing, critical thinking and public speaking. We offer weekly classes year round. We also offer a similar program to corporate groups to teach team, leadership, sales and service skills.

Every week featured a series of games that warm up the team, develop a variety of skills, and practice live performance techniques.

Our Governing Principals

  • Our #1 Rule HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense.
  • Improv #1 Rule YES! AND… accept your teammates for who they are and what they offer to the team. (Psychological Safety, #1 factor in team success) AND support team by pulling your weight (Performance Drive/Pressure). In balance there is nothing a team can’t over come and or figure out to succeed.
  • #1 Skill in Improv Comedy/Theater? LISTENING Listening with your eyes. Listening with the willingness to change. Listening has been identified as the #1 skill of a great leader.

Walt Frasier, Artistic Director

Walt Frasier has 20 years of event entertainment/ management and 25+ years professional arts performance and education.  International Theater, music and comedy credits includes TV appearances: Billions, Blues Bloods, Royal Pains, Lilyhammer, Letterman, HBO, MTV etc. College Clients include Princeton, Columbia, NYU, Williams,  Georgetown, Hofstra, Molloy, etc. Corporate Clients includes JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Milbank, Mercedes, Ernst & Young, BAML, UBS, UNILEAVER, Google, META, Twitter,  and 1000s more. 

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