February 2023 Comedy Classes – Times Square NYC & Online Improvisation, Stand Up etc

Treat yourself and/or loved ones to much needed laughter. The only thing more fun than watching comedy shows is creating the laughs yourself.

  • Saturday 12p LAUGHTER STARTS HERE Adult Improv Comedy (16+ welcome)
  • Saturdays 10am Comedy 4 Teens
  • Mondays 8pm Virtual Stand Up Comedy
  • Check menu links for additional shows and classes. Advanced classes available by invitation only.
  • EMAIL regarding group sales and private events. We have shows, classes, residencies and professional development for schools, corporate team building and more.

Why Improv Comedy?

Our #1 Rule is HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense. We focus on having fun above ALL. Having fun building each other up creating a safe space for ALL to play!!!

#1 Rule in Improv is YES! AND…. We accept our colleagues for who there are, their background, their faith and their ideas (as long as they do impede another’s ability to be safe in the space) We support by pulling our weight, respond with supportive details and setting up our team for success.

The #1 skill in Comedy? LISTENING!!! Listening with your eyes. Listening with the willingness to change.

With all of the above in mind, we simply play games that develop creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, listening, focus, self confidence, self awareness and more.

Beyond training professional actors/comics…

We use these games to teach corporate groups team building, leadership, sales and service skills. In k12 schools we teach SEL, Social Emotional Learning. We host classes, workshops and shows at our Times Square NYC theater and Send professional teaching artists nationwide to schools, theaters and corporate / private events.

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