IMPROV 4 KIDS is the perfect companion performance to summer reading programs at libraries NY, NJ, CT

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Improv 4 Kids – the educational outreach program by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH –  has been inspiring young audiences since 2004. The show alone is a perfect partner for summer reading programs at libraries and PARP (Parents As Reading Partners) programs at K-5 schools. Combined with a workshop Improv 4 Kids is an incredible valuable tool to bring creativity, community and leadership skills into a student’s development.

In the past year alone, Improv 4 Kids has dazzled over 600 K-12 audiences at schools, camps and libraries (Brooklyn, Long Island, Upstate NY, Connecticut, New Jersey and even Potomac Maryland).

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“Humor and creativity work in similar ways,” says humor guru William Fry, M.D., of Stanford University, “by creating relationships between two disconnected items, you engage the whole brain.” (SCIENCE OF LAUGHTER)


Every couple of years we tour Elmira, NY area libraries. Not just for kids, we have entire families following us to all 6 branches. We have seen some kids grow up on our three mini tours there since 2006.

This summer we are making our third appearance at Darien CT libraries.  After seeing us at the library the entire district has engaged Improv 4 Kids for shows. This summer we are presenting a masterclass for preteens.

We are making our Maryland Library debut at the Potomac Library July 14. The show has played numerous Maryland and Virginia K-12 schools in the past 10 years. July 13 Improv 4 Teens is performing at Holten Arms Summer Theater camp for the 4th consecutive year.

Many libraries will host a Master Class for K-12 students. Our teacher will lead warm-up, technique and performance games. In some longer sessions (3-4 hours) the students will present a performance for parents that same afternoon. All workshops introduce students to the art form. The students then go back to their own school or community center and start their own troupe.



The beauty of Improv is that ANYONE – no matter how inexperienced – can learn to perform a show in a short amount of time. Like any art form or skill set, it takes years to master on a professional level. But we have taken complete novices and had them performing a show in just 1-hour of class. In every showcase, parents are amazed by the performance of their own child. And we have brought the shyest child – even those full of social anxiety, Aspergers etc – out of their shells.


What I love about Improv, NO ONE EVER HAS TO PLAY A TREE!!!

When telling stories and creating scenes, every player is an equal participant. We say no one has to play a tree – unless they choose to be a tree in the story. We discourage diva behavior that leaves others full of resentment. We create a team that has to work together to present a show.


In this ever tightening budget era, Improv offers a high impact program on a small budget. Often just slightly more – or equal and sometimes less – than local talent, we bring NYC performers – many TV/Broadway/Film credited. Improv is 100% talent driven. There is very little over head cost. No props, costumes, sets, and far less preparation time. The unscripted nature of the show allows us to rotate cast with ease. Our actors can go make the big bucks on TV and commercials and film and return the next day to do our shows. ALSO our particular company has grown based on word of mouth and social media marketing. We do not spend a fortune on marketing so we can keep our rates low.

Teachers, parents, administration and students all say this is the best show they have ever had at their school. But don’t take our word for it…

Letter from Lisa Palotti (Speech Teacher)  to John Renner (Principal) – Regarding shows, workshops and residencies at Summit School, Queens

“Here’s my report:  OMG it was awesome!  Truly one of the best activities I’ve ever seen take place here at Summit!  We gave them a very large group of kids to work with, and they handled them wonderfully.  The way that they related to the kids was terrific, and the activities they led worked on so many pragmatic language skills in SUCH an effective way, including increasing the kids’ awareness of their bodies in space, body proximity, eye contact, voice, and generally how others perceive them from their non-verbal cues.  They also did word association and one-word stories that involved verbal expression and required kids to follow a story line. Almost all of the kids looked like they were having a fantastic time, and it was an activity where the shy kids could get to interact with others in a very structured (hence comfortable) way.  At the end I spoke to the three members of the improv group and raved about how great they were and told them the specific ways that the activities helped our students.  They asked me a number of questions, such as regarding how to handle various students’ behaviors, and we talked about upcoming activities.”


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