Fall 2015 NYC School tour by Improv 4 Kids and Improv 4 Teens – Cultural Arts, Language Arts and Character Building Assembly program


We believe this program should be in every New York City School and if you help us fill our normally slow fall schedule, we will offer you the best rates ever. If you have been a spring-booker in the past switch to fall to save money and benefit all school-year from our powerful high-impact program that teaches cultural arts (music, theater), language arts (creative writing/thinking, public speaking, story telling) AND character building (leadership, team, anti-bully).

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Beyond the savings…

Our programs traditionally have been the FUN thing at the end of the year. We are over booked March-August every year. (We book well in the winter but weather happens LOL) BUT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR Improv Comedy inspires important learning and character skills that help schools all year round.

Especially paired with a workshop, Improv teaches students to be BETTER students.


The core values taught by Improv include building team. We teach our students to support each other as well as break out of their shy shells. By overcoming fear of public speaking and one-on-one communications students become self-confident. By increasing both self confidence and self-respect Improv reduces contributing factors to behaviors that lead to students becoming bullies and victims.

Students that do not fear public speaking, share and participate in classes. These same students listen and focus as others participate. Our students shore improvement in all disciplines – ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies and more.

Start the school year off right by treating students to Improv shows and workshops early in the school year. AND paired with some Professional Develop we can teach all your staff to continue the work long after we leave your campus.

ADDED BONUS this is not a preachy STOP BULLYING NOW assembly program. Improv attacks the problem without dwelling on the negative aspects. We do not preach. We do not scold. WE INSPIRE STUDENTS TO WANT TO BE BETTER!!!

LANGUAGE ARTS summercamp2015

Improvisation IS storytelling. Improv brings Language Arts out of the class room, off the text book page and into real life exposure. By creating original stories and scene,  learning how to create original characters, settings and plots, students develop a far deeper appreciation for the novels, short stories, plays and poems.

Missing in many schools, Improv shows and workshops teach valuable public speaking skills – overcoming stage freight, eye contact, projection, diction, listening, and focus. Better communication skills lead to better students AND students will have the skills they need to perform well in job interviews and the work force.


Improv is theater. Our program includes a lot of music. Our roster of performers includes talent from Broadway, TV and FILM. All of our performers are rising stars in NYC theater.

IMPROV offers the best bang for the buck and possibly is the best way to get THE ARTS back into the schools.

IMPROV requires fall less overhead than any other theater or music program. You do not have to spend money on large theaters, props, costumes, sets, script rights, sheet music, or instruments. While you can include all of those things, you only NEED a few students and a teacher/parent (adult sponsor/chaperon) to create a program. In fact in many schools, students run the program themselves while a host teacher provides adult chaperon requirements as they grade homework and tests. You can turn the smallest classroom into a showcase theater.



SO here is what we propose… Bring our team of 3-4 teaching artists for a show and mini workshop program in September or October. We will introduce the art form in the show and the basic skill sets during the workshop.

This is enough for a teacher of yours to take over the reigns and run a program after school, during lunch or activity period. If you do not have a teacher interested, see if there are any parents ready to step up. We have had a number of schools contact us recent and bring us in to do this very thing because a parent wanted his/her child to have more arts in the school. We will offer that teacher FREE admission in one of our public classes and train them to run the program. If that does not work, we can supply a teacher to show up weekly to run a professional grade arts program. We have teachers all over the city in K-5 and secondary schools.

AND we support YOUR program with FREE online resources including study guides, HOW-TO blog posts and HOW-TO videos via our ONLINE HANDBOOK: IMPROV THIS. We will also provide the PDF format that can be printed and used as a text book in the classes. The book teaches warm-up, technique and performance games as well as creative writing techniques – include stand-up, sketch, short stories in the program – and how to produce a show.


ONE SHOW – $350 (reg $500 in NYC)
TWO HOURS – $500 (reg $800 in NYC)
– 2 shows OR Show / Workshop combo
FULL DAY $1000 up to FOUR 45-60 minute show/workshop sessions (reg $1200)

Above rates in ALL FIVE boros of New York City – Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn AND Staten Island as well as Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ.

Add just $100/day for travel to surrounding counties (Hudson, NJ, Nassau and Westchester NY).

$1200/ TWO HOURS (2 shows OR Show/Workshop combination)



Bring your classes to our Times Square theater. Students love going to the comedy club. They have so much fun they do not even realize they are learning – so they learn a lot!

$10pp SHOW
– 60-90 minute program
– includes Q&A and time to eat lunch in the theater

– 2-3 hour program
– 45-60 minute workshops added before or after the show

Rates include a ONE FREE chaperon admission for every TEN paying syodents

$1000 for up to 150ppl SHOW
$1500 for up to 150pp SHOW & WORKSHOP

We cannot do better rates on PER PERSON rates (we usually charge public $25-50pp) but if you are submitting for a grant, paying with DOE check or other school fund we can offer a great rate. Rent out the full theater and you can offer some of your students free admission OR all of your students discounted admission. We simply cannot afford the risk of per person discounts but we want to help schools in need every possible way we can.


3:30-6pm DAILY at Times Square Theater
For groups of 10 or more….
$20pp includes
45-60 minute workshop
5pm SHOW


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