2 X-Philes and a Newborn Podcast: Fallen Angel, Eve and Fire from NYIT Improv Players Walt, Pat and Laurice

LONG TIME FANS, Walt Frasier an8imptshirt1d Laurice Fattal are joined by comedian and X-Files new comer Patrick Reidy. Together Walt, Laurice and Pat discuss the series and its impact and watching 1990s memory lane. PILOT EPISODE on this post features discussion regarding the PILOT, Deep Throat and Squeeze.



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Season 1 Episode 10
“Fallen Angel”
Originally Aired November 19, 1993
Directed by Larry Shaw
Written by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa

WIKI – Mulder puts the future of the X-Files in jeopardy when he heads to a UFO crash site being rapidly covered up by the military. He is arrested and while in jail he meets Max Fenig (Scott Bellis), a UFO nut whose NICAP group has followed Mulder’s work on the X-Files. When Mulder is released, Scully urges him to return to Washington to face his superiors and try to save his job, but Mulder finds out that Fenig is more than meets the eye and ignores Scully to try to save him instead. Guest starring Marshall Bell and Frederick Coffin.


IMDB – The future of the X-Files project is jeopardized after Mulder secretly infiltrates the government cover-up of a UFO crash.

Season 1 Episode 11
Originally Aired December 10, 1993
Directed by Fred Gerber
Written by Kenneth Biller and Chris Brancato

WIKI – When two fathers on opposite sides of the country are inexplicably murdered at exactly the same time in exactly the same way, Mulder and Scully find that their eight-year-old daughters are perfect twins (Erika and Sabrina Krievins) and were created in order to continue The Litchfield Experiment, a eugenics project of the 1950s which produced cloned boys named Adam and girls named Eve who have heightened strength and intelligence, but are prone to psychotic behavior. Guest starring Harriet Sansom Harris.

  • Harriet Sansom Harris as Dr. Sally Kendrick/Eve 7, Eve 6, Eve 8
  • Jerry Hardin as Deep Throat
  • Erika Krievins as Cindy Reardon/Eve 10
  • Sabrina Krievins as Teena Simmons/Eve 9
  • George Touliatos as Dr. Katz
  • Tasha Simms as Ellen Reardon
  • Janet Hodgkinson as Waitress
  • David Kirby as Ted Watkins
  • Tina Gilbertson as Donna Watkins
  • Christine Upright-Letain as Miss Wells
  • Gordon Tipple as Detective
  • Garry Davey as Mr. Hunter
  • Joe Maffei as Guard # 1
  • Maria Herrera as Guard # 2
  • Robert Lewis as Officer

IMDB – Mulder and Scully search for two missing girls who disappeared after their fathers were murdered in an identical fashion.

Season 1 Episode 12
Originally Aired December 17, 1993
Directed by Larry Shaw
Written by Chris Carter

WIKI – Mulder investigates the deaths of British dignitaries at the behest of an old Oxford girlfriend. Cecil L’Ively is a pyrokinetic, and he wants Sir Malcolm Marsden’s wife. Cecil attempts to kill Marsden, with his ability to make fire come out of his hands, but Mulder stops him. Guest starring Mark Sheppard and Amanda Pays.


IMDB – Mulder and Scully join forces with an inspector from Scotland Yard when a man with pyrokinetic powers stalks members of the British aristocracy.


 PATRICK REIDY is an actor, comedian, musician, and improviser in NYC.  He can currently be seen as a host and improv comedian at the Broadway Comedy Club for the Eight Is Never Enough and LMAO-NYCInteractive Comedy Shows as well as touring with their family friendly cousin, Improv 4 Kids.  He is also an established improv teacher, having taught for the Comedy Hall Of Fame and independent residences throughout the five boroughs.  As a sketch writer and performer his work has been featured onFunny Or Die, College Humor, and the Absent Minded Comedy Show.  He is a graduate of Salem State University and has studied improv, sketch-writing, stand-up, and screenwriting at the Upright Citizens Brigade, The Peoples Improv Theatre,andThe Annoyance Theater.  Yes, and he would love to help you with your next artistic project!

Follow Pat on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thepatreidy

 Laurice Fattal has been performing in theatre, music concerts, and stage shows since the age of 10. She originally began writing scripts and composing music through her  own vocal group in high school. She continued to pursue her passion for the performing arts in college through studies in  theatrical production, acting, music and opera.  She has worked in casting, directing, and writing with professional companies based out of  NYC, MD and DC. Laurice has written and performed in dozens of sketch comedy digital shorts for LMAONYC. Other credits include the Indie short mockumentary: P.O.O.P: The Movie, Writer/Director of The Top 8 at Eight (original web series). Musicals/Operas: Amahl and the Night Visitors (Riverside Opera NYC), 27 Santa’s & and Elf Called Kevin , Alice in Wonderland – A New Musical, The Phantom Tollbooth – By Sheldon Harnick, The Lounge @ Under St. Marks. In  addition to developing the concept for “Eight is NEVER enough!”,  she is thrilled to be the co-founder of “IMPROV 4 Kids!” and Bully Assemblies NY  – both are outreach programs that currently tour K-12 school.

Follow Laurice on Twitter: https://twitter.com/lauricef


Catch Walt Frasier this Spring on TruTV’s “Friends Of The People” now in their 2nd season. Go to Netflix – RIGHT NOW!!! – to see Walter in Lilyhammer (Season 3, Episode 8) as the American comic performing at Steven Van Zandt’s Norwegian club. Also now on Netflix – Blue Bloods (Season 3, Episode 8) see Walter in spandex body suit in first 5 minutes as Arnie the Homeless Avenger. Royal Pains (Season 6 Episode 3) as the Choking Victim. Past credits include sketch bits on Letterman (9 episodes), Stakervision (MTV2), Naked Brother’s Band (NICK), Hair Trauma (WE) and numerous commercials including Dr. Oz’s Fat Pants. Theater Credits include Off Broadway, Touring and Regional Theater plus over 4000 professional Improv Comedy Shows with EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (AKA LMAO Off Broadway. Improv 4 Kids, Improv 4 Teens, Absent Minded Comedy).

Follow Walt on Twitter – IF YOU DARE https://twitter.com/waltfrasier

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