2018-2019 NJ Rates Educational Outreach Improv Shows Workshops Professional Development

2018-2019 NJ Rates Educational Outreach Improv Shows Workshops Professional Development. Since 2002 over 6000 shows for K-12/ family audiences at our Times Square Theater (Groups Sales at Public Shows, Private Field Trips) and touring  schools, camps, community centers and events. EMAIL for more booking; scroll down for more info.

2018-2019 NJ Rates Educational Outreach Improv Shows Workshops Professional Development

4-teaching artists
$700 One Show/Workshop Session (Each 45-60 minutes)
$1200 Two Back to Back ($600/session)
$1800/Day Residency* (Up to 4 Show/Workshop session, $450/session)
$7500/ Week Residency* (Up to 20 Shows/Workshops, $325/session)
* Up to TWO schools/day can split these all day/week rates – Shows great for all ages K-12 and up. Workshops better for grades 3 and up. Professional Develop for teachers/staff of all ages.
4 performers take stage performing a series of games – scenes and songs based on audience suggestions. Many include students invited on stage to more directly steer the comedy. Think WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY but more interactive, musical and NYC Theater style. We perform 300-400 shows/year at K-12 schools, camps and family events. Recommended up to 200 students/show. (MOre OK with proper sound provided by school/theater – wireless lapel mics etc)
100% hands on, each teaching artist can handle up to 30 students/session (Under 20 recommended). Playing a series of theater games, students learn great performance technique, but more valuable is the training in Public Speaking, Team Skills (Listening, Eye Contact, Give & Take, etc), Creativity, Self Confidence and more. We teach a similar program for corporate teams and teachers (Professional Development).  Workshop ties wonderfully into language arts programming, social emotional learning, Anti-Bully/Character Building, and more
Professional Development
Our PD has three prime purposes. Using Improv to teach Corporate Team skills, building individual speaking and confidence, using Improv in the classroom. Laughter is powerful as it breaks down walls of insecurity, replacing with bonds of trust. Further studies show humor reduces stress and blood pressure, and raises test scores (Studies at John Hopkins U., Stanford, etc). Improv is a power tool in teaching story telling. Better than simply analyzing a book, play, etc, student begin to truly understand parts of a story – characters, setting, plot. Finally Improv is a fun way to build Self Confidence in Public Presentation and interactions. A confident student is never the bully (over compensating for insecurities) or the victim. Further, a confident student engages in class discussions, listening and absorbing lessons. No more memorizing – cramming – for test regurgitation. The student now actually has learned the information. In addition to a few schools we have presented similar program for corporate teams from JP Morgan, Twitter, Home Depot, Morgan Stanley, BING/Microsoft, UBS, BDO, AMEX, Master Card etc
In both Student and Teacher sessions we focus on the power of “YES And…”. For teachers we bring in our corporate concepts of Psychological Safety, the #1 element in team success according to Project Aristotle, the 4-year study released by Google in 2015.
Google's Team Dynamics

Walt Frasier

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