What does a k12 School Improv Comedy Show look like? Field Trips Assemblies & More

The #1 question teachers and PTA/PTO parents have for us is, What exactly is this show about? What can we expect?

That is a tough question to answer. It’s an improv show. We don’t know what the show will be about. However, here is a basic framework of what you can expect when you bring your student group to our Times Square Theater or bring this show to your school for an assembly.

Improv 4 Teens

Over 5000 k12 shows performed since 2003  hosting field trips in Times Square and touring schools, camps and community centers nationwide.

EMAIL us to get info on booking a field trip or school assembly, group sales at public shows in Times Square, Classes and more. Also great for fundraisers, private events ( Birthday Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Teen Nights etc). 

Below is a typical 45-60 minute show line up. Actual games may shift slightly show to show as per stage, audience ages, sound set up, timing etc. We have 100s of games to draw from but in general we focus on interactive and musical forms with overall High energy and uptempo performance.

Add a workshop to elevate educational value 10 fold. We also have professional development, residncies and more.

Improv 4 Teens


First 5 minutes MC warms up the crowd while introducing improv and the rest of the cast and suggestions for the first song. MC steps forward before each game to set up games in similar fashion. Every audience is different. In some cases, with younger audiences (as seen below) we even include a section in teaching how to watch live theater and music. The opening 5 minutes sets the tone for the entire show. For older crowds, the MC sounds more like an MTC VJ. More Rock n Roll. Getting the audience ready to play along with the professionals. (VIDEOs 2020 field trip for 1st graders at hour Times Square location- The Broadway Comedy Club, ). Videos and photos below demonstrate shows for a variety of audiences – kids, teens and public shows for all ages. 



Most shows start with an improvised Madrigal – an A Capella song style. Each performer is given a headline (pop culture, sports,, everyday happening at school etc). After headlines are sung, they are woven together. A pseudo fugue is created. This game introduces out players individual personalities and teaches the audience how to participate in giving suggestions.  (VIDEOs 2020 field trip at the Broadway Comedy Club, followed by 2013 show at the Gerald Opera House, Weyawega, WI.)


Sound Effects

Two audience volunteers on stage provide sound effects to support scene performed
Irish Jig – players create an original bouncy folk song. (VIDEO – 2020 field trip at the Broadway Comedy Club; 2012 Public show for an diverse family audience at the Broadway Comedy Club Times Square NYC – We never post videos of kids at schools and camps).

Irish Jig

Singers work together to create original song in the classic folk song style. Audience encouraged to sing along on the chorus.

Human Mad Libs / Columns

Four audience players are invited on stage to provide missing words and phrases to help actors complete a scene. 


The cast creates an original mini mock Broadway style musical created based on a single word. 

Freeze Frame

(AKA Human Slide Show) 5-15 students (as per stage space) plus a teacher or two strike a series of poses. Our team narrates as a historical slide show presentation. We usually don’t take videos of this game – does not translate well – however, this is one of the most memorable games of every show. 

improv teens

The Blues

We close rocking out, singing the blues. We encourage the whole audience to sing and clap along once we establish the chorus.



When time permits we love to include a question and answer session. All of our performers are professionals and can discuss the career as well as how we get through an improv comedy show without a script. We tie in themes of team & respect, listening, public speaking etc



Workshops enhance the educational experience 10 fold. A must for any performer, sure, but Improv delivers many life lessons and skills everyone should partake.

Playing Improv games teaches what 1000s of books and lecture merely inspire and discuss. Creativity, Critical thinking, Listening, Focus, Empathy, public speaking and self confidence. We use the same games with corporate groups to teach tea,. leadership, sales and service. 

Great for a quick follow up to show, or engage a full residency programs.  We also have powerful professional development  sessions teachers.



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