Develop creative writing and performance skills while discovering your inner comedic genius!

Use links to sign up for your first online class time. You can drop into any classes for just $$25/class, $75/FOUR classes, $200/unlimited EIGHT weeks (New sessions start September 12-October 31). OR See below to register for Specific Classes, following a progression with a showcase at the end.


This class is designed to go past improv basics. Through different drills, exercises and games, we’ll strengthen your improv skills. We’ll focus on improv techniques that will help you build richer characters, make stronger initiations, and raise the stakes of your scene work by making more dynamic choices.
  • Wednesday 7pm Teens
  • Wednesday 8pm Adults
  • CLICK HERE to register! $125 includes seven classes starting September 16, 2020
Are you looking to beef up your singing? What about falling in love with music all over again? Or do you just want to learn how it’s done?
  • Tuesdays 7pm Teens
  • Tuesdays 8pm Adults 17+
  • CLICK HERE to register! $125 includes seven classes starting September 15, 2020
This class is for all levels. Whether just looking for self enrichment or you have aspirations of working as a comic in the clubs and beyond, this class will teach you to develop new material from scratch, how to present your writing to its fullest potential and a sneak peak into the comedy club world or getting stage time, and networking.
  • Mondays 8pm CLICK HERE to register! $125 includes seven classes starting September 15, 2020

OUR RULE #1 HAVE FUN!!! (but never at another’s expense!)

We firmly believe in the concept of Psychological Safety. For all of our classes we provide a safe space to create and play.

Our method is less of a traditional class and more of working towards performance with a director. While we introduce basic concepts and techniques in classes, we jump a few basic steps that tend to be quite boring for new students. The best way to learn is to love what you are doing. Mastery of the skill occurs over time, but there is no reason why you cannot be performing on some level on day one.


  1. Observe your world. EVERYTHING you need to be a comic is right in front of you. Material for stand-up comedy is everywhere. (As you will learn in the next section)
  2. Journal what you observe. Also Journal EVERYTHING you experience as you prepare and perform you comedy routines. Be honest but don’t tear yourself apart. Be objective. What works? What fails? The good, The bad AND the ugly.
  3. SMILE – start every day with a smile. (SEE VIDEO ABOVE FOR MORE DETAILS on making you life a better place to live)