FREEZE TAG: Howto Play Large Group Improv Games

Freeze Tag is a fun fast paced Improv Comedy game that gets the full team involved. We also use a lot in classes to help teach WHO WHERE WHAT choice making. Students feel like they are getting to perform, not just engaged in workshop/technique games.

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Create a back line (standing relatively shoulder to shoulder) facing the audience. MC stands to the side.

Sample MC Set Up

For this game all I need is a location. We will now present a series of scenes, each with its own characters and setting. But let’s start at the (insert audience suggestion)

Game Play:

Two players start a scene. Let each scene breathe for a few seconds, 2-4 lines, but not too long. Make big bold simple choices and yes and each other.. Another player (or MC) yells FREEZE, which directs the first two to strike a pose, and hold until tapped on the shoulder, or gestured to move. New player assumes the exact same physical position, which inspires a new scene, each with its own WHO WHERE WHAT. The new player almost always gives the new offer.This is a fast paced game but don’t rush either.

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