Conducted Story: Howto Play Large Group Improv Games

Conducted Story is a great game for workshops and shows. We often play this is the classic game, Authors. See how to play Conducted Story below, then consider assigning a famous author for each player.

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Conducted Story


Create a back line (standing relatively shoulder to shoulder) facing the audience. MC stands to the side for set up then skits facing the line, back to the audience.

Sample MC Set Up: 

We are going to tell you a story. I am the conductor. (Getting a topic for this game is optional) How about the title of our story?

Game Play:

Conductor points to one player at a time. When pointed to, talk. The second the conductor moves their hand away, stop and let your teammate take over. This will often happen mid sentence, or even mid word. Don’t repeat words, just pick up right where the story left off, seamlessly.  All you have to do is listen

Trick: As the story unfolds, visualize it. Don’t think. Just let the story flow.

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