Freeze Frame: Howto Play Large Group Improv Games

Freeze Frame is a favorite of our fans at private and public shows. We invite a large group of audience volunteers on stage to participate, which leads to lots of photos on social media and a very personalized experience.

FREEZE TAG on tour at Montclaire State University, New Jersey
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Freeze Frame 


Cast spreads out, sometimes with audience guests, but relatively oriented to center stage. MC/ Narrators stand to the side. 

Sample MC Set Up: 

Optional star: For this next game I need a few audience volunteers.

Give me a famous historical event (or other ask for) OK we will now present to you a historical slideshow presentation about (war, battle, historical period, invention, past vacation, last birthday party, last team building event, etc)

Let’s see the first slide please. 

TIPS: For a corporate event, ask where thy had their last team building or office outing and show the slides from that event.

Game Play:

While MC sets up the game, make sure the audience volunteers know how to play. 

This game is basically the mannequin challenge. The players and volunteers on stage will create a series of poses, or human slides. One or two narrators describe each slide and create a story. 

Usually five slides are perfect. You don’t need to describe every aspect of every photo. Don’t get bogged down in too many details that kill the pace. 

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